In one of the most troubled corners of the world, CNEWA seeks to be a bearer of peace and a beacon of hope. In the Middle East, CNEWA’s operating agency is the Pontifical Mission for Palestine. Founded by Pope Pius XII in 1949 to assist Palestinian refugees, it is now the Holy See’s relief and development agency for the area.

Through our Pontifical Mission office in Jerusalem, CNEWA serves the peoples and churches in Palestinian areas under the Palestinian Authority or Israeli occupation, and in Israel. From relatively small projects, such as helping the Daughters of Charity purchase milk for children of the Crèche, to more ambitious undertakings, such as providing operational support for an orphanage or scholarships to students at Bethlehem University, CNEWA is there.

Our office in Amman administers activities in Jordan and Iraq. Among other things, these include helping fund the Mother of Mercy Clinic in Zerqa, providing medical equipment to the Italian Hospital in Kerak and supplying medicines and equipment for St. Raphael Hospital in Baghdad.

And in Beirut, our office directs projects and programs in Lebanon and Syria — among the most challenging and dangerous parts of the region today. Your generosity has helped CNEWA care for the elderly and the handicapped at the Franciscan Sisters Hospital, rehabilitate churches in Tripoli and Debel and rehabilitate a cathedral in Damascus, among many other good works.