CNEWA serves three nations in northeastern Africa: Ethiopia, Eritrea and Egypt.

Ethiopia is rich in its Christian heritage, but economically very poor. CNEWA continues to feed, clothe and educate its children; form its priests, sisters and laity; build schools and youth centers; furnish clinics; provide clean, fresh drinking water; and strengthen its families.

Vocations to religious life are flourishing. Our ongoing subsidies to seminaries continue to prepare future priests. Thanks to your generosity, we helped support 10 seminaries and 11 novitiates in Northeast Africa.

In Eritrea, CNEWA funds orphanages and childcare centers and helps feed and care for the poorest of the country’s children. We also pick up some of the operational expenses of technical and vocational schools and work with the country’s Orthodox Church to construct seminaries and renovate churches. Whether building a road or extending small loans to women to start businesses, CNEWA is there.

In Egypt, our work includes helping to support the Franciscan Mission Orphanage in Esna, providing beds and other furniture, and helping rehabilitate Santa Lucia’s Home for the Blind in Abou Kir.