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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
27 June 2017
Greg Kandra

Pope Francis meets with a delegation from the Ecumenical Patriarchate at the Vatican.
(photo: Vatican Radio)

Pope meets Orthodox delegation from Ecumenical Patriarchate (Vatican Radio) Pope Francis met on Tuesday with members of an Orthodox delegation from the Ecumenical Patriarchate who are here in Rome to celebrate the feast of Saints Peter and Paul. In his greeting, the Pope noted that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the first exchange of visits between a Roman pontiff and an Ecumenical Patriarch. It was those historic encounters that inaugurated the tradition of sending Catholic and Orthodox delegations to Rome and Istanbul to celebrate the patron saints of the East and Western Churches...

ISIS counterattacks stall parts of Mosul push (AP) Counterattacks by Islamic State militants on the western edge of Mosul have stalled Iraqi forces’ push in the Old City, the last IS stronghold in the battle, an Iraqi officer said Tuesday. The attacks forced Iraqi forces and the U.S.-led coalition to pull some assets away from the Old City to again clear the Yarmouk and Tanak neighborhoods, which were declared liberated of IS in May...

ISIS loses ground in Sinai, searches for foothold in Egypt (Al Monitor) The Egyptian Interior Ministry announced June 22 the killing of seven people it believed were involved in recent attacks against Copts, including church bombings and shootings in which about 100 people were killed. The ministry said in a statement it was “certain that a group of individuals had been stationed in some areas in the Western Desert, where they received military training on how to use weapons and assemble explosive devices in order to carry out more terrorist attacks...”

Pope Francis marks 25 years as a bishop (Vatican Radio) Pope Francis celebrated Mass on Tuesday morning in the Pauline Chapel of the Apostolic Palace, together with the members of the College of Cardinals present in the city, in roder to mark the 25th jubilee of his ordination to the episcopacy. The Dean of the College of Cardinals offered greetings and best wishes to Pope Francis on the occasion, recalling the words of St. Paul the Apostle in his Second Letter to the Corinthians, “Make room for us in your hearts,” Cardinal Sodano said. “Holy Father, you need not tell us to make room for you in our hearts,” he continued, pledging him all the love and reverence due the Successor to Peter...

26 June 2017
CNEWA staff

CNEWA’s flagship quarterly magazine, ONE, took top honors, including Magazine of the Year (in the mission magazine category) at the 2017 Catholic Press Association awards last week in Quebec City, Canada. The magazine won a total of 31 awards — the most in its history — in categories that included writing, photography, graphic design and online newsletter.

Citing the overall excellence of the publication, the award judges had many kind words:

“Some publications seem almost flawless; this is an example.”

ONE magazine produces powerful narratives that illuminate stories rarely seen in other publications.”

The panel of judges was comprised of journalism professors from Marquette University and Spring Hill College.

A complete list of the awards can be found below, with links to the winning stories and comments from the judges:

First Place:

Magazine/Newsletter of the Year (Mission Magazine)
“Strong design and photography carries the reader through the pages and content is varied within the magazine’s focus; a selection of interesting topics in each issue.”

Best Single Photo (Black & White)
“Mother and Child Alone, Tashir, Armenia” by Nazik Armenakyan
“The image itself could tell the story of the child and family, conveying both emotions of sadness and hope. The full spread use of the photo also effectively places the focus on the child telling the reader that he is a major piece of the story.”

Best Photo Story (Feature Photo Story)
Focus: A Pictorial Journey to Egypt by John E. Kozar
“Two words that come to mind immediately are commitment and hardship. The first two images and others show the commitment of parishioners. The images of he community and its members highlight their hardships and how they remain committed.”

Best Personality Profile (Person of Interest)
A Survivor Speaks by Molly Corso
“A wonderfully crafted story about a true survivor who keeps herself too busy to let her situation get in the way of helping others with a smile. A great blend of excellent writing and an excellent subject.”

Best Layout of Article or Column (Mission Magazine)
When Rain Fails by Paul Grillo
“When pictures speak a thousand words, the reader knows it. The whole layout utilizes these images to achieve maximum impact. The reader’s eye moves around the page and back again. Solid design and use of graphics/typography make the entire package work well.”

Best Reporting of Social Justice Issues (Option for the Poor and Vulnerable)
When Rain Fails by James Jeffrey
“The story opens with a moving detail: a measuring tape carefully wrapped around the arm of a nine-month old baby, showing that she doesn’t get enough to eat. The piece goes on to explain that while Ethiopia has taken steps to recover form its 1984 famine, drought may push the country back into crisis. The language is urgent, clear and compelling.”

Second Place:

Graphic Artist/Designer of the Year
Paul Grillo
“The images are captivating and keep the reader interested. The creation and application of the 90 years anniversary graphic was cool. Strong branding and concepts. True talent with solid core messaging and textual strength.”

Best Photo Story (Feature Photo Story)
Focus: A Pictorial Journey to Ethiopia by John E. Kozar
“Both the colors and the emotions expressed within these images are vibrant and telling. In those images that are more cheerful you can see brighter colors and light. In those that highlight the struggle or challenges of the community, the images have more shadows and dull colors.”

Best Reporting on Vocations to Priesthood, Religious Life or Diaconate
On a Mission from God by Jose Kavi
“A timely article committed to showing how a service-oriented community touches lives and eases their suffering. The author creates a portrait of collective kindness with the appropriate cultural sensitivity while appealing to universal Catholic values.”

Best In-Depth/Analysis Writing (Best In-Depth Writing)
When Rain Fails by James Jeffrey
“This piece offers clear insight into the issue while balancing all the different factors and players involved with solving the crisis. Clarity meets with empathy in this piece.”

Best Coverage of Ecumenical/Interfaith Issues
Hearing the Voice of God in Africa; Deep Roots, Wide Branches; Where It All Began by Don Duncan and Greg Kandra
“Well-done pieces about an interesting topic. The artwork is excellent and each story does a good job of telling the individuals’ stories.”

Best Reporting of Social Justice Issues (Option for the Poor and Vulnerable)
‘My Great Hope is the Sisters’ by Jose Kavi
“This story raises up the voices of children in India who rarely have a chance to express their dreams. It’s an inspiring narrative of their efforts to get an education, helped by the Sisters of the Destitute. While the story details the setbacks and obstacles the community faces, it also provides tangible evidence of progress.”

Best Story and Photo Package
When Rain Fails by James Jeffrey and Petterik Wiggers
“The opening and closing images are the most visually striking. The opening image shows physically and metaphorically the long road ahead for many in he midst of the drought. The closing image is striking due to the juxtaposition of emotions. The two girls in shrouds seem forlorn and lost while the two young girls are giggly and oblivious to the loss around them.”

Best Electronic Newsletter
“Discover ONE Online” by Staff
“The design is inviting with a clear hierarchy. Beautiful photography.”

Third Place:

Best Essay Originating with a Magazine or Newsletter (Mission Magazine)
A Letter From Georgia by Anahit Mkhoyan
“The power of lived experience recounted pointedly and honestly draws the reader to want to fight for peace. Good writing for sure.”

Best Single Photo (Color)
“Young Student with Biscuit” by John E. Kozar
“Close cropping brings out the subject and his emotions and also the vibrant colors in the image. This image seems to lead into a photo essay and is a compelling entry point into the lives of these students.”

Best Photo Story (News Photo Story)
United in Faith, Prayer and Love by Staff
“Images convey the story of the ‘Faith, Prayer and Love’ by title with sorrow, excitement, seriousness and curiosity.”

Best Multiple Picture Package (Feature Package)
Armenia’s Children, Left Behind by Gayane Abrahamyan and Nazik Armenakyan
“Wonderful main photo. Liked the B&W.”

Best Feature Article (Mission Magazine)
Welcoming the Stranger by Diane Handal and Tamara Abdul Hadi
“A timely piece that gives context and humanizes the ideas that are central to American political discussions. The writer shows the people while discussing the facts in a clear and compassionate manner.”

Best Layout of Article or Column (Mission Magazine)
Armenia’s Children, Left Behind by Paul Grillo
“The black and white images draw the reader into the story and further the narrative. The layout is clean, uniform and encourages the reader to move through the story.”

Best Reporting of Social Justice Issues (Option for the Poor and Vulnerable)
Health on Wheels by Raed Rafei
“ONE magazine produces powerful narratives that illuminate stories rarely seen in other publications. This piece, about a mobile health clinic in Iraqi Kurdistan, chronicles residents’ arduous journeys to get medical care and find safe places to live. The close-up perspective on the families’ stories helps readers imagine the fear and strain of living in exile.”

Best Reporting on Social Justice Issues (Solidarity)
A Letter From Gaza by Suhaila Tarzai
“This first-person narrative poignantly details the plight of employees and patients at the only Christian hospital in Gaza. In a voice that is descriptive and emotional, yet measured, the writer bears witness to a crisis that demands a response.”

Honorable Mention:

Best Essay Originating with a Magazine or Newsletter (Mission Magazine)
A Letter From Gaza by Suhaila Tarazi

Best Single Photo (Black & White)
“Immaculate Conception Sisters and Children, Tashir, Armenia” by Nazik Armenakyan

Best Single Photo (Color)
“Students at St. Michael’s School, Aiga, Ethiopia” by John E. Kozar

Best Single Photo (Color)
“Family in Gaza” by Shareef Sarhan

Best Multiple Picture Package (Feature Package)
When Rain Fails by James Jeffrey and Petterik Wiggers
“Great photography about an interesting/timely subject.”

Best Coverage of Immigration
Surviving Without a Country in the Promised Land by Diane Handal; Armenia’s Children, Left Behind by Gayane Abrahamyan; Welcoming the Stranger by Diane Handal

Best Layout of Article or Column (Mission Magazine)
Ethiopia’s Sleeping Giant by Paul Grillo

Best Reporting of Social Justice Issues (Option for the Poor and Vulnerable)
Armenia’s Children, Left Behind by Gayane Abrahamyan

Best Web and Print Combination Package
Health on Wheels & “A Day on Zahko’s Mobile Clinic for Iraqi Refugees” by Raed Rafei
“Very important story. Good print story and photos. Although online content is a video only, it is very intriguing, well done and important.”

Tags: CNEWA ONE magazine Catholic Press

26 June 2017
Greg Kandra

A Coptic villager in Upper Egypt checks his cell phone while transporting crops across town. This image is part of a photo essay by Msgr. Kozar which was honored last week with a First Place Award from the Catholic Press Association. Visit this link to see more of his prize-winning photos.
(photo: John E. Kozar)

26 June 2017
Greg Kandra

In this image from 21 June, a woman weeps during a rally held in support of Detroit’s Chaldean Christian community outside the federal courthouse. Dozens of Chaldean Christians and others were scheduled to be deported to Iraq, but late last week, a district court judge halted the deportation. (photo: CNS/Jim West)

Judge halts deportations of Chaldean Christians to Iraq (CNA) A district court judge on Thursday halted the deportation of more than 100 Iraqis, including many Chaldean Christians, who were recently picked up by immigration officers and detained. “We are thankful and relieved that our clients will not be immediately sent to Iraq, where they face grave danger of persecution, torture or death,” Michael Steinberg, legal director of the ACLU of Michigan, which represented the Iraqi nationals, stated in response to the ruling...

Fighting intensifies in Syrian Golan Heights (Al Jazeera) Fighting between government forces and opposition fighters has intensified in the Quneitra province in Syria’s south, situated in the roughly 30 percent of the Golan Heights under Syrian control. More than a dozen people were killed, including both pro-government forces and opposition fighters, in the latest uptick in fighting in the countryside of al-Baath city and near the town of Khan Arnab, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said on Sunday...

Egyptian university presents bill against those who use religion to justify violence (Fides) The scholars of the University of al Azhar, the main theological-academic center of Sunni Islam, submitted the text of a bill to the offices of the president of the Egyptian Republic to counter violence and sectarian hate propaganda justified in the name of religion...

Report: malnutrition on the rise in parts of Ethiopia (Doctors Without Borders) An acute humanitarian emergency is unfolding in Doolo zone, in Ethiopia’s Somali region, as malnutrition reaches alarming levels, warns Médecins Sans Frontières [Doctors Without Borders] (MSF), whose teams are working in Doolo zone, the worst affected area. “The numbers of young children with severe acute malnutrition in Doolo zone are the highest ever seen in this area by our teams in the 10 years we have worked in the region,” says Saskia van der Kam, MSF nutritional advisor...

Pope uses relics to foster relations with Orthodox (CNA) Common veneration of relics is one of the tools Pope Francis is using to foster ecumenical relations with the Eastern Orthodox Churches...

One million people have visited relics of St. Nicholas in Moscow (AP) Over a million people have visited the relics of Saint Nicholas, one of the Russian Orthodox Church's most revered figures, since they were brought to Moscow last month. A total of 1,021,500 people have paid their respects to the holy remains, according to data published Saturday on an official website for the relics. The queue to see the fragments of the saint's bones on display has regularly extended several miles from Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior since the 23 May beginning of public viewings...

23 June 2017
J.D. Conor Mauro

A Palestinian family harvests olives in a valley east of the West Bank city of Nablus. To learn more about the life of a Palestinian olive farmer, check out Olive Offerings, from the January 2009 issue of ONE. (photo: Ahikam Seri)

Tags: Palestine Village life Farming/Agriculture Palestinians

23 June 2017
J.D. Conor Mauro

Palestinians buy clothing, shoes and games in a market in the Gaza Strip ahead of Eid ul Fitr, a three-day holiday marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan. (photo: Majdi Fathi/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Resilience, resourcefulness help Gazans cope with daily hardships (CNS) Gazans demonstrate an “inspiring” resilience and resourcefulness and more importantly, a sense of hope, despite the daily hardships they face, said the regional director for Palestine and Israel of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association. The hardships are many, ranging from a lack of dependable electrical service to a shortage of potable water at times. Through it all, people persist, going about their lives as best as they can, CNEWA’s Sami El-Yousef told Catholic News Service. “It shows you how you can live on so little and still continue to have a ray of hope that life will get better. It is inspiring,” said El-Yousef, who was in Gaza at the end of May…

The picturesque Palestinian village that doubles as an Israeli Army firing zone (Haaretz) Almost all Aqaba’s lands have been expropriated and turned into I.D.F. firing zones — hardly anything is left for shepherds and farmers. Only 300 people remain in the village, 400 others having left because of the land grabs. But no subject disturbs village council chief Sami Sadeq more than the army’s training exercises in the village. Maybe it’s because of his personal tragedy — a gunshot wound that has left him wheelchair bound since 1971 — or maybe it’s the simple truth that army troops really have no cause to be in this quiet place, other than to use it for training…

Trump administration faces pressure not to deport detained Iraqi Christians (NPR) Immigration authorities have rounded up nearly 200 Iraqis in recent weeks, and the Trump administration is now under heavy pressure to hold off moves to deport them. Many of those currently detained are from the minority Assyro-Chaldean Christian community, which faces severe persecution in Iraq. U.S. immigration authorities say the detained Iraqis have criminal records, but their families and supporters say many have already served time or paid their fines and that they would face persecution if sent back…

Race is on to save Chaldean Christian culture from ISIS (AINA) The dwindling number of Chaldean Christians in Iraq has raised concerns about the need to preserve the culture of the once thriving religion which the Islamic State is bent on wiping out. Dr. Shawqi Talia, a lecturer on Semitic and Egyptian Languages and Literatures at the Catholic University of America, is on the quest to preserve the history and culture of Chaldeans Catholics before it completely vanishes, so that their meaning can be passed on to the succeeding generations. This he does by asking the community to share their memories and descriptions through the rich Middle Eastern tradition of storytelling delivered in their own native Arabic and Neo-Aramaic languages — some of them singing and speaking the same language Christ himself used…

Catholic Church supports separate Gorkha homeland in India (CNS) Church leaders have expressed solidarity with the Gorkha people — a Nepali ethnic group in India — who are on an indefinite strike protesting for a separate homeland in the Darjeeling area of eastern India. Since 8 June, Darjeeling district in West Bengal state has witnessed clashes between local residents and police. Street protests, stone throwing as well as violence from both sides has intensified since 12 June, when the popular local organization Gorkha Janmukti Morcha called for an indefinite strike demanding the creation of a separate homeland — Gorkhaland — for ethnic Gorkha people. “The church is not directly involved in the protest. But the church is with the people,” said Bishop Stephen Lepcha of Darjeeling. He explained that local people are demanding the right of self-governance because West Bengal state officials do not attend to their needs…

The mica children: Fighting for survival in India’s deadly mines (Der Spiegel) Badku Marandi was 6 years old the first time he crept into the tunnels that had been dug deep into the hard earth. During the dry months before the monsoon season begins, there is only one source of income for the poor here in the state of Jharkhand in India’s impoverished northeast. It’s why they leave their villages, day after day, to try to try their luck in the forested hills. The ground here is full of mica — shimmering minerals. The deeper you dig, the bigger the mica fragments become. But with every meter and every strike of the hammer, the danger of being buried alive underground also increases for people like Badku. From lipstick by L’Oréal to automobile paint for BMW and Volkswagen, many large companies and their suppliers purchase mica from Jharkand and Bihar for use their products. The reporters of this story interviewed more than a dozen companies that purchase mica from India about their supply chain. They all had the same statement: They are aware of child labor in the mica mines and they are working to improve the situation…

Tags: India Gaza Strip/West Bank Children Iraqi Christians Chaldeans

22 June 2017
J.D. Conor Mauro

Georgian Orthodox Christians employ a unique style of chant believed to have been developed between the seventh and tenth centuries in the historical region of Tao-Klarjeti, now part of Turkey. Read more about the preservation and practice of Georgian chant in A Renaissance in Georgia, from the January 2011 edition of ONE, or click the image for an audio sample. (photo: Molly Corso)

Tags: Cultural Identity Georgia Art Georgian Orthodox Church

22 June 2017
J.D. Conor Mauro

Bishop Joseph Absi, pictured in an undated photo, was elected the new Melkite Greek Catholic patriarch of Antioch, Alexandria, Jerusalem and All the East on 21 June. (photo: CNS/courtesy Melkite Catholic Patriarchate)

Melkite Greek Catholic Church elects new patriarch, a native of Syria (Catholic Register) Bishop Joseph Absi was elected the new Melkite Greek Catholic patriarch of Antioch, Alexandria, Jerusalem and All the East during the church’s synod at Ain-Traz, Lebanon. Melkite leaders elected their new leader on 21 June, one day after his 71st birthday. A native of Damascus, Syria, he has served as patriarchal vicar in the Archeparchy of Damascus since 2007. On 6 May, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Patriarch Gregorios III, 83, who had served in the position since 2000…

Chaldean Church expresses pain and sadness over destruction of the Great Mosque in Mosul (Fides) In solidarity with its Muslim neighbors, the Chaldean Catholic Church expressed sadness for the destruction of the Al Nuri Mosque in Mosul, and reaffirmed its grief for the victims of the bombings and for all the people who continue to suffer from thirst, hunger and lack of medicine. An official statement issued by the Chaldean Patriarchate also expressed the hope that, in the face of today’s suffering, the hearts of the Iraqis will lead them to the desire to build together peaceful and fruitful coexistence…

U.S.C.C.B. officials urge Homeland Security to defer deportation of Chaldeans (CNS) The president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the chairmen of the bishops’ migration and international policy committees urged Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly to defer deportation of Chaldean Christians and others arrested 11 June…

Egyptian church raided, chained off by police to prevent worship (AINA) Authorities in Egypt reportedly raided a church-owned building that was being used by a local Coptic Christian community for worship and chained down the doors so that Christians could no longer enter the building. According to a press release shared with The Christian Post by the human rights and religious freedom advocacy group International Christian Concern, police broke into the three-story building situated in the village of Saft al Kharsa in the Beni Suef governorate last Friday. After police removed furniture, Christian iconography and other items from the building, they closed down the building using chains, an unnamed Christian villager told ICC…

Pope: The churches of the East are alive, despite persecution and terrorism (AsiaNews) “Let us not forget that in the East even today, Christians — no matter whether Catholics, Orthodox, or Protestants — spill their blood as a seal of their witness,” said Pope Francis today, while receiving participants at the ROACO (“Reunion of Aid Agencies for the Oriental Churches”) summit…

Private solar power systems catch on in Gaza (Al Monitor) The National Economy Ministry in Gaza announced on 27 May that it was lifting all fees, import taxes and customs duties on equipment for generating electricity, including solar power systems. This decision comes as the electricity crisis in the enclave reaches a new plateau, with Gaza’s only power station unable to operate at full capacity amid the political dispute between the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah and Hamas in Gaza…

Russia claims it has confirmed death of ISIS leader Al Baghdadi (Haaretz) The Russian foreign minister said that they can confirm with a high degree of certainty that ISIS leader Al Baghdadi is dead, according to a Reuters report Thursday. Russia’s Defense Ministry made the same claim last week, after investigating a May airstrike near the Syrian city of Raqqa. Washington said it could not corroborate the death and Western and Iraqi officials were skeptical…

Europe dismantles Ukraine’s ‘paper curtain’ (New York Times) Starting 11 June, 30 European countries began waiving short-stay visa requirements for Ukrainians as an incentive for Kiev to pursue further reforms. Since then, tens of thousands of Ukrainians have flocked to those nations. More than 20,000 Ukrainians have already seized on the rule change, some stepping out of airports at their destinations pumping their fists to celebrate putting the bureaucratic headache of visas behind them. On peak days, Ukraine’s border service says, about 5,000 of its citizens leave for the European countries. Petro O. Poroshenko, the Ukrainian president, called it the collapse of the “paper curtain”…

Catholic cathedral vandalized in northeastern Indian state of Assam (AsiaNews) The Catholic cathedral in Bongaigaon, in the northeastern Indian state of Assam, was vandalized by persons unknown overnight on 20 June, according to the Assam Christian Forum. Among other damages, the attackers broke the tabernacle. For diocesan authorities, it seems to be a case of theft. The thieves, they said, “stole the intention box, which might have been mistaken for the donation box…&rdquo

Tags: Syria India Iraq Pope Francis Ukraine

21 June 2017
J.D. Conor Mauro

A woman roasts coffee beans with her son on their farm outside Bonga, Ethiopia. The Kaffa region is known for its coffee production, grown in high altitudes. This region is thought to be the original home of the coffee plant, but recent reports suggest climate change could spell disaster for this traditional industry. To learn more about Ethiopia’s connection to coffee, read Brewed to Perfection, from the November 2011 edition of ONE. (photo: Per-Anders Pettersson/Corbis News/Getty Images)

Tags: Ethiopia Farming/Agriculture Climate change

21 June 2017
J.D. Conor Mauro

An Iraqi fighter stands on the Iraq-Syria border in Nineveh, Iraq. (photo: Martyn Aim/Getty Images)

Recapture of Iraq-Syria border point heralds new regional reality (Al Monitor) Regional governments are shifting their focus from national borders in consideration of the interests of the wider axis to which they belong. One manifestation of this was reflected in the celebratory mood of media as Iraqi and Syrian forces jointly secured the Syrian-Iraqi border crossing on 9 June…

Why I’m trying to stop mass deportation of Detroit Assyro-Chaldeans (AINA) “Over the past week, many have asked why I became so involved in the recent immigration sweep of mostly Chaldeans that took place here in metro Detroit. Now that the dust has settled and my schedule has returned to somewhat normal, I want to share why…”

Church of the East patriarch visits Tel Kaif, meets with Christian defenders (Fides) Mar Gewargis III, catholicos-patriarch of the Church of the East, visited the territories of the Nineveh Plain, liberated from the occupation of ISIS. During his visit on Saturday, 17 June, the primate of the Assyrian church met with Ryan al Keldani, in Tel Kaif, head of the so-called “Babylonian Brigades,” a militia who in recent months sought to carve out a Christian role in the anti-jihadist military operations…

In Fatima, Maronite patriarch to consecrate Middle East to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Fides) Maronite Patriarch Bechara Peter I will travel to the Portuguese Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima to consecrate Lebanon and the Middle East to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The act of consecration will take place during the Divine Liturgy that the Maronite Church leader will celebrate in the shrine on 25 June…

Tags: Syria Iraq Lebanon Church of the East

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