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September, 2017
Volume 43, Number 3
23 December 2013
Greg Kandra

The Christmas tree is seen as Pope Francis leads the Angelus from the window of his studio overlooking St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican on 22 December. (photo: CNS/Paul Haring)

All of us at CNEWA send prayerful good wishes to the members of our extended family this Christmas season. Peace be with you!

Our offices will be closed from Christmas Eve until next Monday, 30 December. In the meantime, have a blessed and happy holiday!

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23 December 2013
John E. Kozar

Msgr. John E. Kozar, CNEWA’s president, celebrates Mass in our New York offices for the intentions of our donors. (photo: CNEWA)

Tomorrow, you’ll find me in the land of Jesus. There, it’ll be my great privilege to celebrate Christmas Midnight Mass in the very place where he was born — Bethlehem. The beauty and wonder of that sacred place, on that holiest of nights, fills me with joy.

This Christmas will be especially joyful because I’m bringing with me your special intentions. Thank you for entrusting them to me — and as a special gift, I want to share with you the photo below. Today, I celebrated a Mass at CNEWA’s New York office along with my colleagues here. Your intentions were placed on the table that served as our altar, and we lifted up your prayer petitions to the Lord.

Before I begin my journey to Bethlehem, I want to thank you for your abundant generosity. You make it possible for the Church to witness to the Gospel in some of the most troubled places on earth. Your prayerful support makes a difference every single day. Please know that you and your loved ones will be remembered in my prayers at Christmas Midnight Mass — and in so many prayers from those whose lives you’ve touched.

If you haven’t yet shared your special intentions with me, there’s still time before Christmas Midnight Mass. Click here to send your intentions to me now.

May Almighty God bless you and your family! Merry Christmas!

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23 December 2013
J.D. Conor Mauro

Sister Adele Brambilla, C.M.S., directs the Italian Hospital in Kerak, Jordan, which provides affordable treatment to those most in need — including refugees from Syria and Iraq. To read more about this institution, read Overwhelming Mercy, from the Autumn issue of ONE. (photo: John E. Kozar)

Comboni sister sees hope in the eyes of Syrian refugees (AsiaNews) From the Italian Hospital in Kerak, Jordan, Comboni Missionary Sister Adele Brambilla describes the daily life of Syrian refugees. Thousands of families camp with nothing to keep them warm in the cold winter; treatable diseases are killing children. “Despite everything, hope is not dead,” Sister Adele says. “It is the refugees who are telling us that it is still alive. And those called to work together regardless of race, religion and beliefs are also holding it high so that human solidarity may still have a human face…”

Bulgaria, unready, is poor host to Syrians (New York Times) As the poorest member of the 28-nation European Union, Bulgaria has struggled to provide even rudimentary shelter to Syrian refugees, who began surging into the country from Turkey last summer after neighboring Greece, previously a popular entry point to Europe, built a fence along its border and beefed up controls…

L’Arche workshop uses Bethlehem commodity to provide work for members (CNS) The workshop Ma’an lil-Hayat is part of the international L’Arche network founded in 1964 by Canadian Catholic philosopher and theologian Jean Vanier for people with intellectual disabilities. This institution takes a local resource closely associated with the Christmas story but normally squandered — sheeps’ wool — and uses it to bring dignity and recognition to a population often overlooked and hidden in Palestinian society…

Brotherhood prisoners launch hunger strike in Egypt (Daily Star Lebanon) More than 450 imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood members launched a hunger strike Monday over their “inhuman treatment” after being jailed following the military’s overthrow of Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi, the group said…

Ukraine opposition forms political bloc, urges more protests (Al Jazeera) Seeking to consolidate their protest movement, leaders of major Ukrainian opposition parties demonstrating against the government of President Viktor Yanukovich said Sunday that they are establishing a nationwide political movement called Maidan (“Independence”), a reference to the square in Kiev that has been a major rallying area for the protests…

Still defiant, members of Russia’s Pussy Riot band go free (Los Angeles Times) Two members of the feminist punk-rock band Pussy Riot were freed from prison Monday after serving most of their two-year sentences for hooliganism, a charge that stemmed from the “punk prayer” they performed denouncing President Vladimir Putin in Moscow’s main Russian Orthodox cathedral in February 2012. The Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church expressed satisfaction with the amnesty and offered a gesture of conciliation. “We are happy they were released and although we denounced their blasphemous act, we never insisted that they should have been put in prison to begin with, but it is the way the law is,” Vladimir Vigilyansky, spokesman for the Moscow Patriarchate, said in an interview…

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20 December 2013
Greg Kandra

In this image from 2004, snow drapes the church in Kosmach, a village in the Carpathian Mountains, during the Christmas Day liturgy. To learn more about the rich history and traditions of the the people of that region, read Faith and Tradition in the November 2004 issue of ONE. (photo: Petro Didula)

Tags: Ukraine Cultural Identity Village life Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Ukrainian Orthodox Church

20 December 2013
J.D. Conor Mauro

In this 2007 photo, a man sits in a hospital in Dahouk, Iraq, beside a victim of a suicide bombing targeting the ancient Yazidi religious sect in northwestern Iraq. (photo: CNS/Azad Lashkari, Reuters)

The Syrian refugees who know they can’t go home (Al Jazeera) Across the Middle East, Syrian refugees dream of returning to the homes they were forced from by war — but not 38-year-old Suleiman Rasho. Rasho is a Yazidi, a member of a small, ancient sect with roots in Iraq that has long been persecuted for a belief system far removed from other religions in the region. “It is impossible for Yazidis in the Middle East,” he said. “I do not think I will be able to go back to Syria.” In the Middle East, the Yazidis’ small numbers mean they have little command over their destiny and have to rely on others for protection. As extremist groups increase their hold on parts of war-torn Syria, and Iraq edges closer to a civil war of its own, many Yazidis find themselves in a familiar spot: trying to flee or waiting in fear…

Bishop Audo: Our Christmas under the bombs (Fides) For days, the rebel-controlled suburbs of Aleppo have endured bombing by the government air force. According to various sources, the military offensive has already caused more than 200 deaths. “In the meantime,” says Chaldean Jesuit Bishop Antoine Audo of Aleppo, “in the central areas of the city, mortar fire coming from the outlying areas in the hands of the rebels continue, and continue to cause casualties. Sometimes we hear from afar the thunder of the bombing of the army, but we do not have reliable information with regards to the effects of that offensive. The power shortages do not allow you to connect to the internet or watch television. And of course there are no newspapers…”

Patriarch: Amid crises, Christmas is the Middle East’s real hope (AsiaNews) On his first Christmas as patriarch, Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael will address the Christians of Iraq and the Middle East, discussing the situation in Iraq, on the suffering of the Christian community as well as the whole population. The message will call upon the faithful to welcome others through solidarity, unity and hope. An advance copy of the message is included below…

Homs bishop makes an appeal for release of Maaloula nuns (AsiaNews) Negotiations for the release of the Greek Orthodox nuns from Maaloula continue, following their abduction by Islamic extremists from the Ahrar al Qalamoun Brigade on 2 December. “Some contacts have been established with the kidnappers,” said Archbishop Mario Zenari, papal nuncio to Damascus, “but there are no reports at present about their possible release.” Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh of Homs and Hama, made an appeal on 11 December for their release, slamming the serious crime. “We’ve now reached the point where even nuns are being abducted. What have they done wrong?” the prelate asked. In his view, “the abductors want to demonstrate that they show no mercy…”

Cardinal Koch: Reconciling churches in Ukraine calls for mutual recognition (RISU) The conflict between Greek Catholics and Orthodox in western Ukraine has to be resolved from both sides, said Cardinal Kurt Koch, head of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. “Only by recognizing this can we move together into the future,” he said on December 17, responding to journalists’ questions at a press conference in Moscow. “I agree with Metropolitan Hilarion: The situation in Ukraine is very serious. But from my point of view, it has two sides, and Metropolitan Hilarion willingly speaks only of one. I have visited many parishes in Western Ukraine and saw the suffering on both sides…”

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19 December 2013
Greg Kandra

A girl in St. Peter’s Square holds baby Jesus figurines for Pope Francis to bless during his Angelus at the Vatican on 15 December. Children observed an annual tradition by bringing their Nativity figurines for the pope to bless. (photo: CNS/Paul Haring)

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19 December 2013
J.D. Conor Mauro

This 13 December photo depicts one of the flooded neighborhoods of Gaza. (photo: CNS/Mohammed Salem, Reuters)

Floods, rain threaten to make Christmas even more difficult in Gaza (CNS) The snowstorms and torrential rain that battered the Middle East in mid-December threatened to make this Christmas season an especially difficult one for Christians in Gaza. While the northern part of the Gaza Strip saw floods that left thousands of families homeless, 10,000 people evacuated from their homes and essential hospital personnel traveling to work by boat, most of the Gaza Strip’s tiny Christian community and its institutions are located in Gaza City itself and were saved from the worst of the storm, said Sami El-Yousef, CNEWA’s regional director for Palestine and Israel…

Interactive: Syria’s refugee children (Al Jazeera) More than 1.1 million Syrian children struggle to build a new life away from all they’ve ever known, confronting pain, isolation, separation and more…

Radical Islamist group gaining prominence in Syria (Der Spiegel) Once a branch of Al Qaeda, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) broke away from the successors of Osama bin Laden and now stands as a terrifying force in its own right. Infamous for its brutal tactics, ISIS is responsible for hundreds of kidnappings, with victims including activists, the chair of the city council of Raqqa, the heads of the civilian opposition, an Italian Jesuit and six European journalists. Anyone who opposes the ISIS fighters, or who is simply viewed as an infidel, disappears…

Ukrainian Orthodox Moscow Patriarchate disagrees with sister churches on protests ( A representative of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Patriarchate of Moscow has called upon the protesters in Maidan Square in Kiev to disperse. “Those who are now standing on Maidan are just ‘scoring points,’ ” said Metropolitan Paul of Vyshgorod and Chernobyl, abbot of the Kiev Caves Lavra. “Neither Europe nor Russia will help us, until we change ourselves. Moreover, talks on European integration are needed not by the people, but by those who are thirsting to rule over the people…”

Maronite patriarch reaches out to Middle East youth via Twitter (Fides) Maronite Patriarch Bechara Peter posted his first tweet on Wednesday via his new account, @bkerkejeune. “Dear youth,” he said in his message, delivered in Arabic, “I see in you the hope and future of the church. I believe you have the power to rejuvenate the church and your communities.” This dispatch came as part of an evening meeting attended by Maronite youth…

Russian Orthodox patriarch voices solidarity with Catholic Church (Interfax) Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia has expressed support for many of Pope Francis’ views. “In the positions of the bishop of Rome and the patriarch of Moscow, there is a lot in common regarding issues that are sources of concern for many people,” he said. As examples of such concurrence, he cited the two churches’ positions on persecutions of Christians in the Middle East and family affairs. He said dialogue between the Orthodox and Catholic churches is essential today…

Iraq’s sectarian militias assume larger role (Al Monitor) Sunni and Shiite militias across Iraq maintain an iron fist over the daily affairs of Iraqi citizens. Militiamen in Iraq do not only carry weapons, they also wield religious, moral and economic power over their social environment. They play the role of neighborhood governors in times of peace and assassins in times of war. In the absence of the rule of law, residents are increasingly relying on such figures to provide security…

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18 December 2013
John E. Kozar

Worshipers pray in front of an image of Mary and the Christ child in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. (photo: CNS/Ammar Awad, Reuters)

Next week I leave for Bethlehem.

I’m going to celebrate Christmas Midnight Mass in the Church of the Nativity, the ancient church built over the very place where Jesus was born.

This Mass is my Christmas gift to you.

Please send me your prayer petitions before I go, so I can lift them up to Jesus on that holy night and in that holy place.

I’m thrilled to do this for you!

And in your goodness, can you please share some gold, frankincense and myrrh?

I’ll give your Christmas gift to Jesus, and see that it’s used for the mission of CNEWA — to heal the wounds and warm the hearts of the poor.

Remember, I leave for Bethlehem on December 23rd.

Send your special intentions with your gift right now, so I safely receive them before Christmas Midnight Mass.

Meantime, Merry Christmas!

18 December 2013
Greg Kandra

Britain’s Prince Charles speaks to religious leaders during a visit to a Syriac Orthodox Church in London on 17 December. The prince of Wales was accompanied by Jordan’s Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad bin Talal during the visit, celebrating Christian communities from the Middle East in Britain. (photo: CNS/Toby Melville, Reuters)

The prince of Wales spoke yesterday about the suffering of Christians in the Middle East:

Christians in parts of the Middle East are being deliberately targeted by Islamist militants in a campaign of persecution, Prince Charles has said.

The prince of Wales made his comments after visiting the British branches of churches based in the region.

The prince heard accounts of Christians being murdered and families forced from their homes.

Charles, accompanied by Prince Ghazi of Jordan, visited the Egyptian Coptic Church center in Stevenage and the Syriac Orthodox cathedral in west London.

The two royals met church members who had either suffered intimidation or family members whose safety they feared for.

Later at a reception at Clarence House, attended by the archbishop of Canterbury, archbishop of Westminster and the chief rabbi, Prince Charles said he felt deeply troubled by the plight of Christians.

“For 20 years I have tried to build bridges between Islam and Christianity to dispel ignorance and misunderstanding,” he told the audience. “The point though, surely, is that we have now reached a crisis where bridges are rapidly being deliberately destroyed by those with a vested interest in doing so. This is achieved through intimidation, false accusation and organised persecution including to the Christian communities in the Middle East at the present time.”

Read more.

To learn how you can help Christians in Syria, visit this page. And read more here about how to provide aid to Egypt’s Christians.

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18 December 2013
J.D. Conor Mauro

In this photo from Christmas Day, 2011, Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal of Jerusalem carries a figurine of the baby Jesus as he celebrates Christmas Mass at St. Catherine’s Church in the West Bank town of Bethlehem. (photo: CNS/Reuters)

Jerusalem patriarch says Settlement construction ‘hampers’ peace (Daily Star Lebanon) Middle East peace efforts are being “hampered” by Israeli settlement construction, the Latin patriarch of Jerusalem said Wednesday in his traditional Christmas message. “The Israeli-Palestinian talks resumed in late July, after three years of interruption, but the efforts are hampered by the continuous building of Israeli settlements,” said Patriarch Fouad Twal. “As long as this problem is not resolved, the people of our region will suffer…”

Archbishop Nassar: Syrian children envy the stable where Jesus was born (Fides) “In Syria, thousands of children who have lost their homes are living in poor tents just like the stable in Bethlehem,” says Maronite Archbishop Samir Nassar of Damascus. In a touching message of Christmas reflection, the archbishop expresses with strong images the feelings shared by many Syrian Christians in front of yet another Christmas of war approaching. “The Syrian children … dream of being in Jesus’ place, who always had his parents around him. … [Jesus] found a stable in which to be born and have shelter, while among these unfortunate children there are those who were born under the bombs…”

Turkish minister to Armenians: Return to Turkey (Fides) Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, in a recent meeting with a well-known Armenian political representative, suggested the possibility of opening the doors of Turkey to the descendants of Armenian families who fled from the Turkish territory after the anti-Armenian pogrom in 1915. Davutoglu also outlined a scenario in which Armenians whose family roots lie in the Anatolian region are also cleared for return…

Ukraine, Russia seal trade deal (Vatican Radio) Ukraine and Russia have signed a major economic trade deal, despite massive protests in Kiev for European Union integration. Moscow has promised massive financial assistance and cuts in natural gas prices. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin signed an agreement that has slashed the cost of natural gas sold to Ukraine by one-third. Moscow has also pledged to buy billions of dollars’ worth of Ukrainian government bonds, as the country faces a major economic crisis…

As pressure builds, Egypt’s police feeling threatened (New York Times) Since the military ouster more than five months ago of President Muhammad Morsi, the interim leaders have leaned heavily on the police, sending them to stamp out dissent and stabilize the streets in a strategy that so far has come up empty. Over the last three years of revolt, protesters have refused to be silenced, even when the authorities use deadly force. And Egypt has also become far more dangerous for the authorities, with more than 150 police officers killed since mid-August alone. The attacks have affected police morale, officers said, and raised troubling questions about the government’s ability to secure the country in the face of increasingly frequent attacks by militants…

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