Current Issue
September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
5 June 2013
Megan Knighton

Msgr. Kozar speaks with Joseph Hester, Esq., of New York City. (photo: CNEWA)

Msgr. John Kozar and the CNEWA staff welcomed local members of the CNEWA family to our New York office this morning.

After celebrating Mass for our guests, Msgr. Kozar hosted a reception that focused on CNEWA’s work in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Msgr. Kozar shared his reflections and stories of his recent trip to the region, and highlighted the agency’s work and goals for the peoples and churches there.

Thank you to everyone who attended this morning — and thank you, especially, for supporting our good works in the Horn of Africa!

Msgr. Kozar shares his reflections of his pastoral visit to the Horn of Africa. (photo: CNEWA)

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