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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
26 June 2013
Greg Kandra

CNEWA’s magazine ONE took home a record-shattering 22 prizes — including First Place for General Excellence — at the 2013 Catholic Press Association awards held at the Catholic Media Conference in Denver on Friday.

It’s the second time in two years that ONE has set the record for the number of awards won by a single magazine.

The prizes cut across all categories, including electronic media, analysis, design, feature writing and blogs. Summing up the magazine’s achievement for general excellence, the judges wrote:

The design, photography, and writing place ONE among the very best of this year’s Catholic magazines, regardless of category. The design of each spread contributes to the meaning conveyed in graceful writing and powerful images. Various graphic devices unify the spreads from color text blocks through screened background photos to special fonts. Above all, perhaps, ONE provides a global view of the human family with an emphasis on the Near East.

The judges this year were journalism professors at Spring Hill College and Marquette University.

A complete list of ONE’s awards follows:

First Place:

General Excellence (Mission Magazines)

Best Personality Profile
  Salvaging Dignity by Sarah Topol, Dana Smillie

Best Feature Article (Mission Magazines)
  Praying Behind Barbed Wire by Joost van Egmond

Best Electronic Newsletter
  “Discover ONE Online” by Staff

Individual Excellence (Editor)
  Kerala’s Spice Coast; The High Stakes of Leaving; Salvaging Dignity
  by Christopher Boland

Second Place:

Best Essay (Mission Magazines)
  Middle East Christians and the Arab Awakening by Elias Mallon

Best Multiple Picture Package (Feature)
  A Romanian Renaissance by Andreea Câmpeanu

Best Online/Multi-Media Presentation of Visuals
  Interview with Journalist Joost van Egmond by Erin Edwards

Best Freestanding Online/Multimedia Presentation of Video
  CNEWA Annual Report 2011 by Staff

Third Place:

Best Essay (Mission Magazines)
  Jewish and Non-Jewish Identities in Israel by Ron Kronish

Best Single Photo (Color)
  A Bridge to Modern Life (Nun and Bedouin Child) by Tanya Habjouqa

Best Photo Story Originating with a Magazine or Newsletter
  The Colors of Easter by Marvin Anderson

Best Multiple Picture Package (Feature)
  Salvaging Dignity by Sarah Topol, Dana Smillie

Best In-Depth Writing
  Salvaging Dignity by Sarah Topol, Dana Smillie

Best Feature Article (Mission Magazines)
  Making the Grade by Peter Lemieux

Best Online/Multi-Media Presentation of Visuals
  Images from Slovakia by Erin Edwards

Best Online Blog (Group or Association)
  ONE-TO-ONE by Staff

Best Magazine or Newsletter Website
  One Magazine by Staff

Best Web and Print Combination Package
  Profiles: The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
  by Michael J. L. La Civita, Erin Edwards

Individual Excellence (Photographer/Artist)
  A Romanian Renaissance; The Colors of Easter; Kerala’s Spice Coast;
  A Fruitful Trade by Daria Erdosy

Honorable Mention:

Best In-Depth Writing
  India’s Christian Untouchables by Peter Lemieux

Individual Excellence (Writer)
  Religious Minorities in the Middle East;
  Middle East Christians and the Arab Awakening;
  Keep Alive the Flame of Divine Love (Subsection: “Why It Matters”)
  by Elias D. Mallon

Congratulations to all the winners — and thank you to all our readers!

You can view a complete list of all winners, in all categories, at the Catholic Press Association site. And, of course, you can always visit ONE online at our website, where you can read the current issue or browse our archives.

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