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July, 2019
Volume 45, Number 2
2 July 2013
J.D. Conor Mauro

Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros II speaks at the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church in June 2013. (photo: The official site Pope Tawadros II)

Pope Tawadros II praises Egyptian protesters (Ahram Online) Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros II expressed his support on Tuesday for the nationwide anti-government protests and the campaign calling on President Mohamed Morsi to step down. “It is wonderful to see the Egyptian people taking back their stolen revolution in a peaceful way,” he said in a statement via Twitter…

Syrian refugees set up home in Iraq’s Domiz camp – in pictures (The Guardian) More than 160,000 Syrian refugees are seeking safety in Iraq, most of them in the Kurdish region. Domiz refugee camp, the only Iraqi camp for Syrian refugees, is severely overcrowded and about 90,000 refugees are scattered around nearby towns. With the number of people leaving Syria showing few signs of diminishing, securing food, water and adequate sanitation is an ever-increasing problem…

Georgia’s mighty Orthodox Church (BBC) The Orthodox Church remains the most trusted institution in Georgia. In a February survey carried out by the Caucasus Resource Research Center, 95 percent of respondents had a favorable opinion of its work. Beka Mindiashvili, a former theologian who is now head of the Tolerance Center at the public defender’s office, attributes such high confidence in the church to the 80-year-old patriarch, Ilia II. “He possesses all the right attributes. He is charismatic, he speaks slowly and each word is regarded saintly, holy,” Mr Mindiashvili says. “He is a person for everybody. To a simple person, he speaks simply; to a politician, he speaks politically; to an intellectual, he speaks of Umberto Eco and of classical music.” There were only about 50 priests when Ilia II became patriarch in 1977. Today there are approximately 1,700… [Check out ONE’s profile of the Orthodox Church of Georgia]

Suspect arrested in connection with vandalism of West Bank monastery (Jerusalem Post) An ultra-Orthodox man was arrested Sunday for a September “price-tag” attack on a 19th-century Christian monastery in the West Bank, allegedly carried out in solidarity with other nationalistic Jewish settlers, police said Monday. Graffiti left on the Latrun Monastery by the suspect referred to Migron, an unauthorized settler outpost evacuated by the Israeli government last year. The words “Jesus is a monkey” were also painted in Hebrew on a wall, and the monastery’s doors then set ablaze. The crime was promptly condemned in September by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said the perpetrators had threatened freedom of religion and must be punished…

Maronite patriarch praises Lebanese army (Naharnet) Maronite Patriarch Bechara Peter voiced on Tuesday his “complete support” for the army in its efforts to preserve Lebanon’s unity and peace. He called on the Lebanese people “regardless of their political or sectarian affiliations to support this national institution.” The patriarch further stressed: “The army helps unite the people and acts as a guarantor of peace for the nation … against the repercussions of the regional crises and internal developments.” Patriarch Bechara Peter’s remarks came amid a growing controversy over extending the tenure of Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji in light of the recent clashes in the southern city of Sidon, where 18 soldiers were killed and 50 were wounded in clashes with armed supporters of Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al Asir on 22-23 June…

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