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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
30 July 2013
J.D. Conor Mauro

In this video, dated 29 July, Jesuit Father Paolo Dall’Oglio is seen addressing a crowd in Raqqa, Syria. His subsequent whereabouts are unknown, with reports suggesting either he has been kidnapped or has become involved in negotiations to release a television crew held hostage. (video: U.F.S.S. Raqqa)

Syria: Jesuit Father Dall’Oglio’s whereabouts uncertain (ANSA) A video posted on Youtube shows Father Paolo Dall’Oglio at an Armenian church in Raqqa, in northern Syria, speaking to a crowd of applauding youths. The priest states that Raqqa, a city home to Kurds and Arabs, Muslims and Christians, should become the symbol of the liberation of Syria. Various reports state that Dall’Oglio had an appointment in Raqqa with the jihadists to mediate for the release of a crew of Syrian journalists and technicians taken hostage a few days ago in the Aleppo region. The first attempt reportedly fell through, while in the second the priest was picked up and taken away. At this point in the story the versions diverge; some say he was taken hostage and other say he is involved in negotiations…

Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate issues statement on kidnapped bishops (Marthoman TV) On Monday, 22 April 2013, Aleppo Metropolitan Gregorios Yohanna of the Syriac Orthodox Church and Aleppo Metropolitan Paul of the Greek Orthodox Church were kidnapped at the hands of an unknown group near the Turkish-Syrian border between Aleppo and Antioch. The two sister churches have publicly and in private and continue today to exert every effort at local, regional and global levels. These efforts concentrated on all types of communication as the two churches pursued every opportunity that was proposed by the loving friends and left no stone unturned to secure their release which to date has not eventuated…

Israelis and Palestinians open talks (Al Jazeera) Israelis and Palestinians have resumed direct talks for the first time in three years, with the United States urging negotiators to make tough compromises to reach a peace deal. The last direct talks collapsed in September 2010 amid continued Israeli settlement building. Israel and the Palestinians remain deeply divided over so-called “final status issues.” These include the fate of Jerusalem — claimed by both as a capital — the right of return for Palestinian refugees, the borders of a future Palestinian state and the fate of dozens of Jewish settlements scattered across the occupied West Bank. As a first step, Israel said Sunday it would release 104 Palestinians imprisoned before the 1993 Oslo accords…

Religious proselytism in refugee camps: the Catholic Church stands off (Fides) Christians linked to evangelical groups were filmed distributing gospels and leaflets concerning spiritual reflection in the refugee camp in Zaatari, the main camp for the reception of refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war present on Jordanian territory. The movie, on the internet, continues to provoke controversy. “You cannot bring provision and take advantage of that situation to distribute the Gospels,” says Archbishop Maroun Lahham, patriarchal vicar for Jordan of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. “In that way you are exploiting humanitarian initiatives to achieve forms of proselytism that have nothing to do with the dynamics of authentic Christian witness…”

Syrian rebels to form government late August, says chief (Daily Star Lebanon) The Syrian opposition will form a provisional government in the second half of August after months of failed efforts, Syrian National Coalition chief Ahmad Jarba said on Tuesday. “I expect a government in exile to be formed around 10 days after Eid al Fitr,” the Muslim feast that falls on 8 or 9 August, he told AFP in Doha. “There are several candidates” for the post of prime minister, he added, saying one “will be chosen by consensus or through election.” The opposition has struggled to put forward a united front during the country’s more than two years of conflict. The last attempt to form a provisional government collapsed earlier in July when rebel Prime Minister Ghassan Hitto resigned after nearly four months of failed efforts…

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