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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
20 September 2013
J.D. Conor Mauro

In this image from one year ago, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fouad Twal, right, pays a visit to the CNEWA office in New York. (photo: CNEWA)

Patriarch Twal urges equal citizenship for Christians, prayers for world peace (Vatican Radio) Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fouad Twal is calling on the faithful and all people of good will to continue to pray for world peace. The Patriarch, who is in Rome for a meeting of the Latin Bishops’ Conference for the Arab Region, told Tracey McClure that the universal day for prayer for peace in Syria and the Mideast called by Pope Francis last September 7th succeeded in its goal, at least temporarily. “It really worked; we must admit that. And we must thank God really. … That doesn’t mean that we must stop…”

Mortar shells against the Melkite Archbishopric of Aleppo (Fides) Melkite Greek Catholic Archbishop Jean-Clément of Aleppo reports that “two mortar shells damaged the seat of our Greek Catholic archbishopric.” Thankfully, because of the late hour of the incident, no one was hurt. The archbishop says: “The city is strangled and the situation is worsening day by day. As citizens we feel trapped, and do not know what our fate will be. We have a short supply of goods or prices are very high, people have problems concerning their daily subsistence. … Yet we Christians in Syria have a mission: that of dialogue, peace and reconciliation — to keep a light of faith, hope and charity. And we want to live up to this mission…”

Syrian government says war has reached stalemate (The Guardian) The Syrian conflict has reached a stalemate and President Bashar al Assad’s government will call for a ceasefire at a long-delayed conference in Geneva on the state’s future, the country’s deputy prime minister has said in an interview with the Guardian. Qadri Jamil said that neither side was strong enough to win the conflict, which has lasted two years and caused the death of more than 100,000 people. Jamil, who is in charge of country’s finances, also said that the Syrian economy had suffered catastrophic losses. If accepted by the armed opposition, a ceasefire would have to be kept “under international observation”, which could be provided by monitors or United Nations peacekeepers — as long as they came from neutral or friendly countries, he said…

Deadly blasts hit Iraq mosque (Al Jazeera) Two explosions inside a Sunni mosque north of Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, have killed least 16 people, officials said. The bombs were hidden inside air conditioners, the same tactic used in a deadly bombing on a Sunni mosque in Baquba last Friday that killed 33 people. Iraq’s delicate sectarian balance has come under growing strain from the civil war in neighboring Syria, where mainly Sunni rebels are fighting to overthrow President Bashar al Assad, a leader backed by Shia Iran…

Delga Islamists threaten Christians (AsiaNews) The Copts of Delga, in upper Egypt, are still suffering the Islamists’ persecution despite the presence of the army and police. Witnesses say that “the Muslim Brotherhood are going door to door to Christian homes in front of police, demanding their silence” on pain of death. Interviewed by Mina Thabet, founder of the Maspero Youth Union, a witness explained: “The Islamists are forcing people to sign documents that state they have not been subjected to any attack by extremists. If they do not sign, the Muslim Brotherhood will destroy their homes once the army leaves the city…”

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