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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
16 October 2013
J.D. Conor Mauro

Pope Francis speaks against the ‘scandal’ of hunger (Vatican Radio) October 16th is World Food Day and in a message to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Pope Francis condemned the continuing scandal of hunger and malnutrition in today’s world and what he called a globalization of indifference towards it. In his message the pope criticized what he called “a growing tendency for us to close in on ourselves,” saying this leads to a certain indifference on “a personal, institutional and state level” towards hunger, as though “it were an inevitable fact…”

Archbishop Marayati: International community promotes Christian exodus (Fides) “There is a rumor that 17 countries have opened their doors to Syrian refugees. This news has reignited among Christians the impulse to leave Syria,” says Armenian Catholic Archbishop of Aleppo Boutros Marayati. He adds that the richest Christians have already left Syria, while for others “any attempt to leave the country remains dangerous and also very expensive. For now, this is not a mass exodus, but the phenomenon involves a growing number of families…”

Iraq war claimed half a million lives, study finds (Al Jazeera) The number of deaths caused by the Iraq war has been a source of intense controversy, as politics, inexact methodology and a clamor for public awareness have intersected in a heated debate of conflicting interests. The latest and perhaps most rigorous survey, released Tuesday, puts the figure at close to 500,000. The study included a survey of 2,000 Iraqi households in 100 geographic regions in Iraq…

Bedouin resist Israeli relocation plans (Al Monitor) Although not fierce in intensity, the struggle of the Bedouins has been protracted and tenacious. Their demand has become a slogan for the Negev region of southern Israel: recognition. Ever since the Palestinian exodus of 1948, Israel has not recognized the Bedouin villages of the Negev, and has only limited legal recognition of the towns that the government built and into which the population is being forcibly inserted. In 2003, however, the government made the unorthodox decision to recognize 13 villages. This has made little difference. Before, these villages were denied basic services such as water, electricity, medical clinics, schools, transportation, roads and sewers. The houses were continuously demolished and the land was confiscated. Those services are still denied today…

Security chief meets patriarch over kidnapped bishops (Daily Star Lebanon) General Abbas Ibrahim met Saturday with Greek Orthodox Patriarch Youhanna X of Antioch and discussed the ongoing efforts to secure the release of two Syrian bishops. According to the National News Agency, General Ibrahim informed the patriarch about recent developments in the case of the prelates, saying that the matter could be resolved in the near future…

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