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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
12 December 2013
J.D. Conor Mauro

Christian demonstrators are taken away in a police bus on 11 December after being arrested during a march advocating for rights for low-caste Christians in New Delhi. The following day, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh apologized to church leaders for police beating some demonstrators during the march. (photo: CNS/Anto Akkara)

Archbishop of Delhi arrested while marching for Dalits’ rights (Fides) Archbishop Anil Couto of Delhi was arrested today by the Delhi police along with other Christian bishops and leaders of other denominations. The archbishop was participating, along with other leaders and many lay faithful of Christian churches, in a peaceful march to protest for the rights of the Dalits. The protesters had arrived in the area of Jantar Mantar and were heading towards the Indian Parliament. The police responded by beating and arresting many protesters. A complaint has been lodged against the Delhi police for assaulting priests and nuns…

Pope: Human trafficking a crime against humanity (VIS) Trafficking in human beings, a real form of slavery which affects all countries, including the most developed, was the theme chosen by Pope Francis in his address to 16 new non-resident ambassadors and one diplomatic representative to the Holy See. The Holy Father spoke about the numerous initiatives undertaken by the international community to promote peace, dialogue, cultural relations, politics and economics, as well as aid to populations affected by difficulties of various types, and went on to consider the question of trafficking in human beings which “affects the most vulnerable people in society: women, children, the disabled, the poorest and those who come from situations of family or social disintegration…”

Safety of journalists in Syria under the spotlight (Vatican Radio) Major news organizations are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of journalists reporting in Syria. Thirteen news outlets have sent a letter to the leadership of the armed opposition in Syria, calling for urgent action against rebel groups increasingly targeting journalists for kidnappings. The letter is in response to a sharp rise in the number of journalists while on assignment in opposition-held areas in northern Syria. Many of the abduction cases go unreported at the request of families or employers in the hope that keeping the kidnappings out of public view may help with negotiating the captives’ release…

For Syrian refugees in Lebanon, winter brings challenges (Washington Post) The United Nations said Wednesday that it is “extremely concerned” for Syria’s refugees as snow and freezing temperatures descended on the region. Syria and the countries that border it have been bracing for what is expected to be the worst winter storm in years. Snow hit some areas of Lebanon, Turkey and northern Syria overnight Tuesday as sharp winds and cold, heavy rains battered others, causing misery for hundreds of thousands in camps and shanties. In Lebanon, despite the wintry conditions, the flow of Syrians fleeing the war is unrelenting…

E.U. official: Ukraine’s Yanukovych will sign trade deal (USA Today) A European Union official said Thursday that Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych intends to sign an agreement with the European Union, but some of those protesting in support of the deal said that won’t stop their demonstrations. “If the deal is signed now, I won’t leave the protest,” said Dmitry Zhuk, 24, a Kiev resident who has joined the protests after his workday almost every day since they started last month. “I don’t think anyone will leave.” Experts and the protesters themselves said that in the wake of a violent crackdown that broadened the protesters’ demands, they are unlikely to immediately disperse. “At first, it was indeed the protest for signing the association agreement with E.U., but after what happened — all the force used against protesters — only someone who is completely ignorant can say, ’O.K., now everything will change to the best’ and go home,” Mr. Zhuk said…

Ethiopian-born Israeli lawmaker spurned at blood-collection drive (Al Jazeera) The speaker of Israel’s parliament ordered a blood-collection crew to leave the legislature’s premises on Wednesday after it turned down an offer of a blood donation from an Ethiopian-born lawmaker. Knesset member Pnina Tamano-Shata, 32, wanted to donate blood to a routine visit by an ambulance service but was told by a member of the crew that set criteria disqualified her because she emigrated to Israel from Ethiopia at age 3. “Under health ministry directives, we are unable to accept blood from donors of Ethiopian Jewish origin,” the health official was reported to have said as he spurned the donation. Israeli President Shimon Peres expressed disgust at the incident, saying: “There must not be any differentiation between Israeli people’s blood. All Israel’s citizens are equal…”

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