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31 January 2014
J.D. Conor Mauro

Ibrahim Fahmy, 18, center, poses for a photo with co-workers on 17 January outside the silver shop where they work in Cairo. Mr. Fahmy says he supports Egypt’s new constitution because he believes it can create the stability needed for foreign tourists to return. (photo: CNS/James Martone)

New Egyptian constitution holds promise for Copts (National Catholic Register) After enduring the worst persecution in centuries, a new constitution gives Coptic Christians renewed hope for civil rights and freedom in Egypt, but a lot of work remains. “It is good — not very good — but it is good,” said the Rev. Rafic Greiche, spokesman for Egypt’s Catholic Conference. “It could not have been better given the context we are living now.” The new constitution’s vision of a pluralistic and inclusive civil state now depends not only on translating it into laws, but also translating it into Egyptian hearts and minds, Father Greiche added…

Gaza youth dream of jobs in Qatar (Al Monitor) On 14 January the Palestinian and Qatari governments signed an agreement for the recruitment of 20,000 professional and specialized Palestinian workers to find employment in Qatar, in addition to the estimated 20,000 Palestinians who have already been working for years in the Gulf state…

Peace plan lets most Jewish settlers remain in West Bank, envoy says (Washington Post) Roughly three-quarters of Jewish settlers in the West Bank would be included in redrawn Israeli borders envisioned under U.S.-backed peace negotiations, the lead U.S. envoy told American Jewish leaders on Thursday…

Church leaders in Ukraine call for national unity (Church Times) At a meeting predominantly of clergy of the Moscow Patriarchate in Odessa (in southern Ukraine on the Black Sea coast, a Russian-speaking area) last Saturday, the call was for moderation, but also national unity: “We especially encourage local elites — political, cultural, intellectual, social — do not rock the boat in which you sit. Do not think that the current conflicts are careless political games. Be aware that we are one family and that we live in the same home: Ukraine…”

U.N. calls for Ukraine torture probe as activist speaks of being ‘crucified’ (Al Jazeera) A Ukrainian anti-government activist who disappeared a week ago during widespread protests in and around Kiev has resurfaced with his face badly beaten and with wounds to his hands, saying his abductors tortured and “crucified” him. “They crucified me, they nailed down my hands. They cut off my ear, they cut my face. There isn’t a spot on my body that hasn’t been beaten,” Bulatov said. “Thank God, I am alive.” He also said he was kept in the dark at all times, and could not identify his captors…

Syria peace talks adjourn with little progress but some hope (Los Angeles Times) The first round of long-awaited Syrian peace talks ended Friday in Geneva with no breakthrough but with both sides planning to meet again and resume negotiations. “Progress is very slow indeed, but the sides have engaged in an acceptable manner,” Lakhdar Brahimi, the chief United Nations negotiator, told reporters in Geneva. “This is a very modest beginning, but it is a beginning on which we can build…”

Mideast cyberactivists say dreams of democracy remain unrealized (CNS) Cyberactivists from Egypt and throughout the Middle East said their dreams of freedom of expression and democracy are unrealized. They are caught in a vise of surveillance and censorship, no matter if the military or Muslim Brotherhood hold the reins of power in the aftermath of the Arab Spring that saw longtime rulers toppled three years ago…

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