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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
25 April 2014
J.D. Conor Mauro

In this video, Sam Dagher of the Wall Street Journal describes his experiences visiting the regime-controlled side of Aleppo, Syria's largest city. Though some areas showed signs of normalcy, in others the wreckage from the civil war was ever present. (video: Sam Dagher/WSJ)

Syria civil war forces brutal split in Aleppo (Wall Street Journal) Once a vibrant mercantile and cultural center, Aleppo today is a city physically partitioned and traumatized by war. It stands as exhibit A in what Syria’s civil war has become: A ghastly, grinding stalemate in which noncombatants are paying the highest price…

Photos: Syrian refugees’ treacherous hike to safety in Lebanon (Al Jazeera) As the late-day sun slipped behind the mountains in front of them, a ragtag group of around a dozen Syrians desperate to flee their country’s bloody civil war set off on their treacherous nighttime trek across the rugged frontier into neighboring Lebanon. Ahead of them: at least a nine-hour climb in darkness up — and down — the 9,232-foot Mount Hermon. Once in Lebanon, they will join the more than 2.5 million other Syrians across the region who have escaped the civil war in their homeland to begin the life of a refugee…

Tensions rising in East-West as Russian troops gather at Ukraine’s border (Vatican Radio) Tensions are rising in the most serious East-West confrontation since the collapse of the Soviet Union with Russia moving tens of thousands of troops near its border with Ukraine, while the NATO military alliance is boosting its presence in several nearby Eastern European countries…

Gaza quiet after Palestinian reconciliation deal (Al Monitor) Ismail Haniyeh, the prime minister of Gaza’s government, declared the end of the seven-year Palestinian split between Fatah and Hamas and agreed to form a unity government in five weeks to prepare for elections at the end of 2014. In contrast to the applause that rose in the conference room attached to Mr. Haniyeh’s home, Gaza’s streets were quiet. Unlike with previous agreements, no celebratory atmosphere erupted in the Gaza Strip. Activist Samah Ahmed, who held a Palestinian flag and went to Jundi Square with others, explains: “We expected big celebrations, but we only found ourselves there. People have lost confidence in these agreements because they previously failed…”

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