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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
2 July 2014
J.D. Conor Mauro

Violence in eastern Ukraine has resumed following the expiration of the cease-fire. According to residents of Kramatorsk, the first bombshells slammed into the city just minutes after the cease-fire ended. (video: Al Jazeera)

Palestinian teen killed in suspected revenge attack by Israeli settlers (Al Jazeera) A 16-year-old Palestinian boy from East Jerusalem was abducted and killed early Wednesday by Israeli settlers, Israeli police said — a suspected act of revenge for the killing of three Israeli youths that comes amid heightened tensions. The murder highlights a growing fear that there will be more cases of violence not between the Israeli military and Palestinian armed groups, but by vigilante groups on both sides taking matters into their own hands…

Latin patriarch of Jerusalem calls for end to cycle of revenge (Fides) “It is not worthy of political and religious leaders to support, feed and foment revenge. Revenge calls for revenge, blood calls for blood. And innocent people who are killed, all the children killed, are victims sacrificed on the diabolical altars of hatred. We pray for the parents and families of all these young people kidnapped and killed,” said Fouad Twal, Latin patriarch of Jerusalem, regarding the news of the slain Palestinian teen…

Christians find refuge, aid in biblical Iraqi town (AINA) The advance of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has left few safe havens for Iraq’s Christians. Many fleeing Christians found refuge in parts of Iraqi Kurdistan, such as the northern Ninevah town of Alqosh. Alqosh is mentioned in the Bible — it was the hometown of the Old Testament prophet Nahum. Today, it is one of the rare all-Christian cities in the region…

Iraq will disintegrate, Chaldean leader predicts (Aleteia) Patriarch Louis Rafael I, head of the Chaldean Church, spoke with international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need on 28 June. The patriarch reported no hope that Iraq will remain a single, unified state. “Perhaps a symbolic unit and the name of Iraq will continue to exist,” he said, “but de facto there will be three independent zones with their own budgets and armies…”

Pope says there are more Christian martyrs today than ever (Vatican Radio) Pope Francis said on Monday that there are more persecuted Christians in the world today than there were in the first centuries of Christianity. The pope’s words came as he celebrated Mass at the Casa Santa Marta on the day in which the church remembers the first Roman martyrs who were martyred during Nero’s persecution in 64…

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