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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
22 September 2014
J.D. Conor Mauro

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Syrian Kurds carry their belongings after crossing in to Turkey near the Syrian border on 21 September, near the southeastern town of Suruc. (photo: Getty Images)

Turkey clamps down on Syria border after Kurdish unrest (BBC) Turkey has begun to close some of its border crossings with Syria after about 130,000 Kurdish refugees entered the country over the weekend. On Sunday Turkish security forces clashed with Kurds protesting in solidarity with the refugees. Before the latest influx, there were already more than one million Syrian refugees in Turkey. On Friday Turkey opened a 19-mile section of the border to Syrians fleeing the town of Kobane, also known as Ayn al Arab. But on Monday only two out of nine border posts in the area remained open, the U.N. refugee agency UNHCR said…

Oil-rich Kirkuk in Iraq’s north fears attack by Islamic State (Los Angeles Times) In recent weeks, international attention has focused on Islamic State advances elsewhere in the Kurdish region, such as near the strategic Mosul dam and the city of Irbil, capital of semiautonomous Iraqi Kurdistan. U.S. airstrikes have helped push back the militants — and provided a tactical and psychological lift for peshmerga fighters, who fell back last month in a humiliating retreat. The Kurds have since regrouped and regained ground. For now, their heartland to the north seems secure. But commanders acknowledge that the peshmerga, despite their fearsome reputation, are stretched thin, ill-equipped and have little recent battle experience. Perhaps no place in the sprawling zone under Kurdish authority is as vulnerable as Kirkuk province, long the focus of competing regional and international interests. For decades, its immense petroleum reserves have been a blessing and a curse…

More than 3,000 Gazan children wounded in war (Al Monitor) According to statistics published by the Ministry of Health in Gaza, the death toll of the Israeli war on Gaza includes 540 child deaths, which represents 25 percent of the entire death toll. Over 3,000 children were injured, some of whom have had their limbs amputated or are in critical condition…

Pope: Culture of “tolerance”, “fraternity” in Albania (Vatican Radio) Although the plane trip from Albania to Rome was only 90 minutes, it still left time for Pope Francis to give what has become a traditional post-trip in-flight interview with journalists. During the press encounter, Pope Francis stressed that he was impressed “from the beginning” by the youth of the country, and noted the cooperation among the three major religions: Islam, Orthodox Christianity, and Catholicism. He reiterated the importance of the culture of “living together,” “tolerance” and “fraternity” in the Balkan country…

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