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December, 2017
Volume 43, Number 4
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1 July 2016
Greg Kandra

Airport employees mourn for their colleagues during a 30 June ceremony for victims of the suicide attacks at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport in Turkey. Officials now say a Chechen extremist was behind the attacks. (photo: CNS/Murad Sezer, Reuters)

U.S. Congressman says a Chechen extremist masterminded Istanbul suicide bombing (Associated Press) A Chechen extremist masterminded the triple suicide bombing at Istanbul’s busiest airport that killed at least 44 people, a U.S. congressman said Friday. Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, told CNN that Akhmed Chatayev directed Tuesday night’s attack at Ataturk Airport, one of the world’s busiest, which also wounded more than 230. Turkish and Swedish media have also identified Chatayev as the organizer, although Turkish authorities have not confirmed his involvement...

Stranded refugees face a world without food or medicine (The New York Times) For a week, since a suicide bomber blew himself up, killing seven Jordanian security officials, the refugees, now numbering at least 60,000, have not had access to food or medicine, as they had in previous months. Only three times since then have water trucks reached them, carrying what the medical aid group Doctors Without Borders estimated to be equivalent to a 1.5-liter bottle of water a day...

UNICEF says millions of children in Iraq are at risk (ABC Australia) UNICEF is calling for urgent action to protect children’s rights in Iraq after a report found escalating conflict in the country is putting a whole generation at risk. UNICEF’s A Heavy Price for Children report found one in five (3.6 million) children in Iraq are at serious risk of death, injury, sexual violence, abduction and recruitment into armed groups...

Gospel music in Ethiopia ( The Ethiopian Orthodox church, with a followership of about 44% of Ethiopia’s population, has a long tradition of gospel music. However, over the years its dominance has been challenged by the emergence of various other religious factions. Today Muslims make up an estimated 34% of the population and Protestants an estimated 18%. Nevertheless, any keen listener will notice that the music of the Ethiopian Orthodox church has an influence on most Christian music in the country...

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