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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
8 January 2015
J.D. Conor Mauro

Syrian refugees live in makeshift dwellings in the Ketrmaya neighborhood of Beirut, Lebanon. (photo: Ratib al Safadi/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Canada opens its doors to 10,000 Syrian refugees (Christian Science Monitor) Canada announced Wednesday that it will be opening its borders to a total of 10,000 refugees from Syria and 3,000 from Iraq over the next three years, The Globe and Mail reports. That figure is only a fraction of the people who have been displaced by conflicts in the Middle East: There are about 6.5 million internally displaced people or IDPs out of Syria and about 400,000 out of Iraq, according to the latest data from United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Still, the announcement is a welcome relief for other countries in the region, most of whom been hosting a near-constant flow of refugees since the Syrian civil war broke out four years ago…

Lebanon minister: Syrian visa rules don’t apply to refugees (Daily Star Lebanon) Social Affairs Minister Rashid Derbas reiterated Thursday that the controversial new measures requiring Syrians to obtain visas to enter Lebanon do not apply to those holding refugee status in the country…

Syrian refugees suffer in storm-hit Lebanon (Al Jazeera) At least four Syrian refugees have died as a result of the huge storm that is currently sweeping across Lebanon, as more than a million refugees try and survive against the onslaught of snow and rain. “We are slowly dying here, no one is coming to help us and we have nothing,” said Um Abdo, a Syrian refugee based in Arsal, adding that she is worried about the children living with her, who may face hypothermia…

WHO: Medical aid unable to enter Syrian rebel-held Aleppo (Daily Star Lebanon) The World Health Organization (WHO) has been unable to get a desperately needed medical aid convoy through to civilians in the rebel-held part of Aleppo despite a government promise last month to give it access. “Delays often happen due to operational and/or security reasons but details are not to be shared,” WHO spokesman Tarik Jaarevi said in an email Tuesday…

Bitter harvest: Israeli bombs sowed grief for Gaza farmers (Al Jazeera) “Ours is a life of no guarantees,” said Khalil Zaanin. His farm, near the only Gaza Strip border crossing with Israel, was destroyed this summer when Israeli tanks and military bulldozers rolled into the community of Beit Hanoun during the invasion of Gaza. That prompted cameraman-turned-farmer Khalil to leave with his wife, son and two teenage daughters for Gaza City, where they took shelter with friends. When he returned to his land during a second cease-fire, he was greeted by a grim sight. “I didn’t find anything,” he said, pointing at the remains of a stone well. “The land, the fruit trees, the water well — everything was gone, even under the ground…”

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