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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
12 October 2011
Erin Edwards

Parishioners head home after the Divine Liturgy at St. Michael the Archangel Church in Ladomirová, Slovakia. (photo: Andrej Bán)

The tiny country of Slovakia was in the news yesterday, with reports that it was holding up efforts to solve Europe’s economic crisis. We remembered that Slovakia also has a rich religious tradition, as we found when we reported on the country three years ago.

In the May 2008 issue of ONE, Jacqueline Ruyak reported on Slovakia’s Greek Catholic heritage and the historic wooden churches that remain a stronghold within the community:

In many ways, Ladomirová’s church dedicated to the Archangel Michael exemplifies Slovakia’s Rusyn Greek Catholic wooden churches. Built at the edge of the village, a split rail fence topped with shingles runs around the church. The wooden, roofed gate culminates in an onion dome crowned with an iron cross. And among the graves in the churchyard stands an old wooden bell, also shingled.

The church’s Baroque iconostasis, featuring intricate and colorful carvings and icons, shimmers in the church’s cool light.

For more, check out Rooted in Wood by Jacqueline Ruyak.

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