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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
2 October 2015
J.D. Conor Mauro

A Kurdish Syrian migrant plays with a 3-year-old Syrian child refugee on 23 September at a temporary shelter for migrants constructed from shipping containers in Berlin. (photo: Adam Berry/Getty Images)

Middle-class Syrian refugees start back at square one in Germany (Al Jazeera) Many of the thousands of Syrians who have arrived in Germany are from the urban, middle and upper classes. The passage to Europe became a lot cheaper when Hungary and Austria effectively waved refugees through, as the price is partly based on every closed border that must be crossed in stealth, hiding in trucks or bribing officials. But it still costs around 3,000 euros, or $3,375, placing it out of reach for Syria’s poorest…

Syriac Catholic archbishop disturbed by U.S. senator’s remarks (Fides) “U.S. Senator John McCain protested saying that the Russians are not bombing the positions of the Islamic State, but rather the anti-Assad rebels trained by the C.I.A. I find these words are disturbing. They represent a blatant admission that behind the war against Assad there is also the C.I.A.,” said Syriac Catholic Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo of Hassake. “Western propaganda keeps talking about moderate rebels, who do not exist. … [U.S. media] protests because the Russians hit the militias of Al Qaeda in Syria. What does it mean? Al Qaeda is now a U.S. ally, just because in Syria it has a different name?” In the interview with Fides, Archbishop Hindo repeats that “the Syrians will decide if and when Assad has to go away, and not the ISIS or the West. And it is certain that if Assad goes away now, Syria will become like Libya…”

Russian warplanes strike deep inside Islamic State’s heartland (Washington Post) Russian warplanes have struck targets deep inside the Islamic State’s heartland province of Raqqa for the first time, Russia’s Defense Ministry said Friday. The strikes were carried out against an Islamic State training camp and a command post near the city of Raqqa, expanding the scope of a three-day old air campaign that had previously focused on attacking rebel groups opposed to President Bashar al Assad…

Indian Jesuit supports campaign to demand food ?for poor (Vatican Radio) A Jesuit priest behind an awareness campaign to ensure the right to food and work for the poor in eastern India’s West Bengal state, has warned that famine will soon set in if the state government does nothing. “We want the government to wake up” and realize that food shortages “will inevitably turn into famine” in the coming months, said Father Jyothi, the convener of the Right to Food and Work network in West Bengal…

Hungary to close border with Croatia (Vatican Radio) Hungary’s government says it is preparing to seal off its border with Croatia for migrants, as it did in September with Serbia, despite earlier pledges it would consult with the international community…

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