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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
2 March 2016
Greg Kandra

Iraqis inspect the damage at the site of an ISIS bombing near a market in the Sadr City area of northern Baghdad on 28 February 28. (photo: Ahmad al Rubaye/AFP/Getty Images)

Iraq: U.N. reports more than 400 civilians killed in February (U.N. News Center) Acts of terrorism, violence and armed conflict in Iraq claimed the lives of 670 people, including 410 civilians, in February 2016, the United Nations political mission in that country has reported…

U.S. Captures first ISIS operative in Iraq (CNN) U.S. Special Operations forces have captured their first suspected ISIS operative in Northern Iraq as part of a highly secretive targeting team led by the Army’s elite Delta Force, CNN has learned…

Syria’s drought ‘worst in 900 years’ (The Guardian) War has been the direct driver of the refugee flux and behind that is a complex mix of social and political factors both inside and outside the region. One fiercely studied and debated driver has been a recent dip into a series of severe droughts starting in the late 1990’s. Previous work has prescribed some of the drought — and its impact on the socioeconomic fabric in the Middle East — to climate change. New findings published in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres put it in even starker context, showing that the drought is likely the worst to affect the region in 900 years…

Spring rains bring some relief to Ethiopia (Reuters) Rain in parts of Ethiopia is bringing some relief to Africa’s second most populous nation, which is in the grip of its worst drought in 50 years. More than one in ten Ethiopians will require food aid this year, prompting the Ethiopian government and United Nations to appeal for $1.4 billion to respond to the emergency. “Overall, the crisis is going to worsen up until August or September,” said John Graham, country director for Save the Children. “We have not seen the worst yet...”

Newly launched TV news channel declares ‘war on war’ in Lebanon (Fides) In the heart of the Middle East region torn apart by bloody conflict, a new satellite TV channel will share news “from the Catholic point of view,” in order to “build bridges of peace” and “work for the common good.” This is the ambitious program adopted by a channel launched yesterday by TV network Noursat-Tele Lumiere, in Dora, a northeastern suburb of Beirut…

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