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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
6 December 2011
Megan Knighton

Charitable Giving Advisor Megan Knighton, Father Antoine Rizk, B.S.O., honoree Gregory Oussani and CNEWA's Director of Major Gifts Bob Pape celebrate at the Salaam Club holiday party last weekend. (photo: Marc Hibsher, Brooklyn Eagle)

CNEWA would like to congratulate our dear friend, Gregory Oussani, for receiving the Man of the Year Award from the Salaam Club of New York. Founded in 1945, the Salaam Club describes itself as “a dedicated cultural fraternity of men of Middle Eastern descent.” Its motto is “That Better Understanding Among Men May Prevail.”

I joined our Director of Major Gifts Bob Pape Saturday evening to celebrate with Greg at the Salaam Club’s holiday party in Brooklyn, where Greg humbly received his honor.

Greg, as the award duly notes, is a dedicated humanitarian and philanthropist who actively supports the mission of CNEWA and other Catholic organizations. In fact, just last year, Greg and the members of the Salaam Club helped CNEWA in a most meaningful way. CNEWA urgently needed to secure funding for a life-saving medical treatment for Sally, a young Chaldean Catholic who, along with her family, had to flee Baghdad for fear of kidnapping. After finding refuge in Jordan, Sally needed urgent medical treatment for a tumor in her leg. Sally and her family had nothing; the situation looked bleak. Thanks to the efforts of Greg and the members of the Salaam Club, Sally was able to receive the life-saving treatment!

We shared the evening with Greg’s family and friends, including Greg’s pastor, Father Antoine Rizk, B.S.O., who was a previous beneficiary of our seminarian program.

We can all attest that Greg is certainly worthy of such recognition. CNEWA appreciates all of Greg’s efforts in supporting the mission of CNEWA, which allows us to help our brothers and sisters in need overseas.

Congratulations, Greg! God bless you.

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