Current Issue
September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
28 November 2016
Greg Kandra

In the video above, experts raise concerns about the rising number of missing and exploited refugee children in Europe. (video: Rome Reports)

A third of Aleppo now taken by Syrian forces (BBC) Syrian government forces have captured a third of the rebel-held territory in eastern Aleppo, monitors say. The advance, after heavy bombing from the air, is a major blow for the armed opponents of President Bashar al-Assad...

Winter closes in on Iraqi refugees fleeing Mosul (Reuters) The United Nations is asking donors to fund winter kits for 1.2 million people — preparing for a worst case scenario that much of the city’s population may have to flee. Seventy-two thousand have fled so far, and winter has brought freezing temperatures. The Kurdish authorities are requiring fleeing civilians to stay in camps even if they have family outside, so that males can be checked for ties to Islamic State. Relatives crowded out front, bringing blankets and pillows...

Gaza risks becoming an ‘easy launch pad’ for ISIS (The Jerusalem Post) Palestinian infighting and years of an Israeli blockade could turn the impoverished Gaza Strip into an easy “launching pad” for Islamic State recruiters, Qatar's foreign minister says.

African ant colonies pose threat around Christian churches (CNBC) The ant colonies are in the forests that surround Orthodox Christian churches in Ethiopia, which are some of the last natural forests in the country. Ethiopian Christians have long surrounded their churches with woodland. Some of these forests are more than a thousand years old, and are unusually rich areas of biodiversity in areas otherwise barren or deforested for agriculture.

Iconography classes attract non-Orthodox (RNS) Anna Schalk finds herself weeping each time she enters an Orthodox church and gazes at the flat, colorful icons of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. The impressionistic painter had long been drawn to spiritual images but this year she took a big step beyond her own artistic and religious traditions. At a summer workshop, she created an icon of her own, alongside other students who spent a week together with the same mission. “It’s like a meditative experience,” said the retired pediatric occupational therapist, a Roman Catholic, comparing her work on the icon to partaking in Communion...