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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
3 August 2017
Greg Kandra

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A Syrian girl holds a woman’s hand as she walks down a street in the central Syrian rebel-held town of Talbiseh, north of Homs on 3 August 2017. (photo: Mahmoud Taha/AFP/Getty Images)

Homs cease-fire deal announced in Syria (BBC) A cease-fire between Syrian forces and rebels north of Homs has been agreed and will come into effect on Thursday, Russia’s defence ministry says. It would be the third such “de-escalation zone” put in place since July after talks between powers backing and opposing the Syrian government…

Maronite bishops issue appeal for repatriation of Syrian refugees (Fides) In a statement released at the end of their meeting on Wednesday, 2 August, Maronite bishops urge Lebanese civilian institutions to adopt a “global plan” to arrange for the return of Syrian refugees who found shelter in Lebanon…

Indian cardinal: There are no forced conversions ( The government of Jharkhand (in the northeast of the country) last night approved a law prohibiting conversions brought about by force or coercion. The government spokesman explained that “anyone who violates this law may be sentenced to three years in prison and 50,000 rupees fine, or both.” Speaking to AsiaNews, Cardinal Telesphore Toppo, archbishop of Ranchi and of Tribal Ethnicity, states: “This law is not to prohibit conversions, but it is against forced conversions. Forced conversions do not exist. We are free people with a free will and a free conscience and intelligence. No one can force another to convert…”

Why Germany’s new Muslims go to mosque less often ( Refugees I’ve spoken to complain that preexisting mosques’ members are overbearing and that the teachings there are irrelevant to their concerns: integration, trauma, and finding footing in a new society. They say older Muslims in Germany focus too much on identity politics and self-victimization, perhaps because they’ve felt like alienated minorities for decades. Many newcomers haven’t abandoned their culture or their faith, but they don’t want to hear this talk when they’re busy trying to fit in…

Russian Orthodox protest planned movie about Tsar Nicholas (The Telegraph) Hundreds of Orthodox activists held a standing in prayer protest in Moscow on Tuesday against a film about the last Russia Tsar Nicholas II having an affair, RBC reported…

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