Current Issue
December, 2018
Volume 44, Number 4
27 February 2018
Greg Kandra

Eritreans walk through Asmara, Eritrea, marking the Feast of Kidane Mehret on 25 February.
(photo: CNEWA)

Last weekend, hundreds of Eritrean Christians turned out to mark an important feast on the Ethiopian and Eritrean calendar.

Some background:

The Ethiopian and Eritrean Orthodox and Catholic churches have a tradition that after Jesus’s Ascension, his mother went to Calvary to pray to him for a favor. Jesus descended in a host of angels to ask what she wanted. Mary asked him to save anyone who would pray or do works of charity in her name. Jesus’s promise to do so is known as Kidane Mehret, the Covenant of Mercy, remembered on Yekatit 16 in the Ethiopian calendar. This usually corresponds to 23 February in the Western calendar; some churches celebrate the feast of Kidane Mehret on the nearest Sunday.

Friends and supporters of CNEWA may also recognize the phrase “Kidane Mehret” from the children’s home that bears that name in Addis Ababa — another reminder of God’s mercy at work in the world.