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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
17 August 2018
J.D. Conor Mauro

A Palestinian woman hangs laundry at a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip 20 June. World Refugee Day is 20 June. (photo: CNS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa, Reuters)

Egypt finalizing details of five-year Hamas-Israel truce (Daily Star Lebanon) Egypt is finalizing details of a long-term truce deal between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, an Egyptian security source said Thursday, amid easing tensions on the border of the enclave where some 2 million Palestinians live. Cairo has brokered an interim truce that has allowed commercial goods into Gaza ahead of the Muslim Eid al Adha feast, which starts next week…

Christians, Muslims in Israeli village feel ‘second class’ after new law passed (Crux) In Deir Hanna, a small hillside village in the Lower Galilee, a church steeple and a minaret pierce the sky above its winding streets — neighboring dual structures that are symbolic of life on the ground where the town’s Muslim and Christian inhabitants live peacefully alongside one another. For the ancient town of Deir Hanna — which consists of fewer than 10,000 residents, approximately 20 percent of whom are Christians and 80 percent Muslims — the two faith communities have coexisted for centuries surrounded by their nearby Jewish neighbors, despite longstanding regional conflict being a way of life. Yet, as of last month when the Israeli government passed legislation to define itself as “the Nation-State of the Jewish People,” a new source of tension has emerged, where Christians and Muslims alike are charging that the new bill is not only not necessary, but also discriminatory against minority populations — and in this town, their Jewish neighbors agree…

Church ‘out in the field’ in flood-hit Kerala (UCAN India) The Catholic Church has joined relief efforts as unprecedented floods and landslides continue to wreak havoc in India’s Kerala state, killing 75 people within a week. All 41 Catholic dioceses in the southern state have opened schools and other institutions to accommodate flood victims and are cooperating to send food, clothes and other relief materials to affected areas…

Caritas Syria: Ghouta refugees starving for food and love (AsiaNews) Displaced people speak of their condition in eastern Ghouta, an area on the outskirts of Damascus that was controlled for a long time by rebel forces. These people who, despite hardship and deprivation, are often without food to give to their children, claim they have “more need for love than for food.” And they reject the association with extremist and rebel groups who have long controlled the area and who today “have fled to Turkey and live happily. We, on the other hand, have not hurt anyone, we are suffering…”

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