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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
27 February 2019
Greg Kandra

The crisis between Pakistan and India escalated Wednesday morning, when Pakistan announced it had shot down two Indian fighter jets. A leading bishop in the Pakistan, meanwhile, is appealing for peace talks. (video: BBC/YouTube)

Pakistani bishop appeals for peace talks with India (Vatican News) With the risk of war escalating between India and Pakistan following an Indian airstrike inside Pakistan on Tuesday, a Pakistani bishop has appealed for peace talks. The Indian government claimed it carried out air raids against an Islamist militant training camp of Jaish-e-Mohammed, killing “a very large number” of fighters, raising the risk of a war between the nuclear-armed neighbors. Pakistan denied there had been any casualties but condemned the Indian action and vowed it would respond…

Pakistan shoots down two Indian jets; crisis deepens (CNN) Pakistan says its air force shot down two Indian fighter jets over the disputed border region of Kashmir, in a significant escalation of the crisis between the two nuclear-armed powers. India confirmed the loss of one plane and said it shot down a Pakistani jet as it responded to the incident…

Russia and Syria urge U.S. to withdraw troops (Al Jazeera) Russia and Syria have called on the United States to leave Syria and to allow people inside a refugee camp in the southeast of the country to be evacuated by Russian and Syrian forces. A joint statement released on Wednesday by Russia’s Ministry of Defense said Russian and Syrian forces had prepared buses to relocate refugees at the camp in the Rukban area and would guarantee them safe passage so they could start new lives.

Ethiopian bishops speaks out on protection of minors (Vatican News) Bishop Gebremedhin said that Ethiopia as a nation is committed to protecting children and has signed the United Nations Convention on the Protection of Minors. However, the cultural priorities with regard to protecting children in his country are several, such as sexual abuse, child trafficking, early marriage and others…

European Russians break ties with Constantinople (AsiaNews) Since 23 February, the Russian Orthodox exarchate, linked to the patriarchate of Constantinople, has decided to break ties with Bartholomew, following his choice to approve the autocephalous Church in Ukraine…

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