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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
25 March 2019
Greg Kandra

In this image from August 2018, young Syrian refugees are seen atop a vehicle at a camp in June in the village of Arsal, Lebanon. The head of Caritas Lebanon has expressed concern that Syrian refugees will end up forgotten and abandoned by the world community.
(photo: CNS/Nabil Mounzer, EPA)

Caritas leader expresses concern that Syrian refugees will become forgotten (AsiaNews) The “risk” is that Syrian refugees “will become like Palestinians, abandoned for decades” on Lebanese territory. This “is the great fear” of the majority of the citizens of the land of the Cedars, who “are close to those who need” but, at the same time, “cannot solve all of the problems and are themselves experiencing great suffering,” says the Rev. Paul Karam, president of Caritas Lebanon…

Bishop criticizes Catholics who spread fear of Muslims (CNS) An Irish bishop has criticized Catholics who identify as “faith-filled” while spreading fear and mistrust of immigrants, particularly those who are Muslims. Bishop Kevin Doran of Elphin, chairman of the Council for Life of the Irish bishops’ conference, told The Irish Catholic newspaper: “I’ve found that people who would classify themselves in some cases as traditional Catholics and faith-filled people seem to, in relation to migration and care of asylum-seekers and stuff, they’ll say ‘oh well these Muslims are putting our civilization at risk and they pose a threat to us…’”

Iraq ferry accident sets off political upheaval (The New York Times) In a rare show of deference to the anger of Mosul citizens over government abuses, the Iraqi Parliament on Sunday voted overwhelmingly to remove the province’s governor, citing accusations of corruption, self-dealing and negligence. Although Mosul citizens had pleaded with the central government to remove the governor for more than two years, it was only after a ferry disaster brought angry citizens into the street that senior political figures decided to act…

Nuns, priests in India concerned over income tax order ( Church people in India’s Tamil Nadu state are seeking legal ways to counter a High Court order that asked priests and nuns to pay income tax if they draw a salary from state-funded educational institutions. The 20 March order in the southern state ended a long-time practice that exempted Catholic priests, brothers and nuns from paying tax on their salaries on grounds that they donate their salaries to religious homes or dioceses engaged in social services…

East Jerusalem neighborhood targeted in apparent hate crime (The Jerusalem Post) Police opened a probe into a suspected hate crime targeting a Palestinian section in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood of East Jerusalem, where residents woke up Monday to discover over 25 vehicles vandalized. On a number of the cars in the French Hill neighborhood, red Stars of David were graffitied and on an adjacent wall the Hebrew phrase, “Jews wake up, Jewish blood is not cheap.” Tires were also slashed on several vehicles…

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