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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
8 April 2019
Greg Kandra

Meetings are taking place to discuss the fate of displaced Syrians trapped in a remote camp. The U.S. is urging Russia and Syria to deliver humanitarian aid to the camp. (video: Al Jazeera/YouTube)

U.S. urges Russia, Syria to facilitate aid to remote camp (AP) The U.S. military says it is not preventing Syrians from leaving a remote displacement camp near an American base in Syria and is urging Russia and Damascus to help facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid…

Report: Trump plan would grant Jordanian citizenship to Palestinian refugees (The Jerusalem Post) President Donald Trump will push for Jordan to grant citizenship to one million Palestinian refugees as part of his “Deal of the Century,” according to the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar. Trump will also ask Egypt to grant citizenship to Palestinian refugees. Granting Palestinians refugees citizenship status from other countries may be a way for Trump to avoid establishing a Palestinian state. The report hints that a confederation of three states may be an option, where there would be a joint government between Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority for specific and limited purposes…

Indian Christians look to Supreme Court for religious freedom ( Christian leaders and activists in India are pinning hopes on the Supreme Court to set aside guidelines made by a state court on individuals changing religion. India’s top court on 5 April postponed hearing a petition of Christian leaders that challenged the guidelines of Rajasthan high court, saying the directions violate religious freedom guaranteed in the constitution. The court postponed the hearing after the federal government said it needed more time to offer a response to the petition…

Some Russian Orthodox rebel against the digital revolution (AsiaNews) Since 3 April, the Russians have seen their pension card replaced by a personalized PIN number, needed to access electronic services. A part of the Orthodox faithful has rebelled against this measure, which in their opinion expresses the imminent advent of the apocalyptic times. The new law introduces the new rules for the use of state services, which provides a personalized PIN to access public administration. This is a simplification of procedures, part of the “digital revolution” announced by Putin after last year’s election for his fourth presidential term. The most observant Orthodox, who for some time have been protesting against the use of “satanic figures,” such as the tax code, speak of the imposition of the “electronic lager”…

Coffee award ’Cup of Excellence’ to be held in Ethiopia for the first time (Global Coffee Report) The Cup of Excellence (COE) will be held in Ethiopia for the first time in March 2020. The event is made possible through an ongoing partnership between the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, the Ethiopia Coffee and Tea Authority, United States Agency for International Development, and Feed the Future Ethiopia Value Chain (FTFE-VCA). ”The competition finally came home, where the best natural coffee is produced,” says producer Zenabu Alem. “I look forward to entering my coffee in the competition…”

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