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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
20 February 2013
Bradley H. Kerr

In this image from last year, people participate in a traditional Lenten devotion, the outdoor Stations of the Cross at Our Lady of Providence Church in Crestwood, Missouri.
(photo: CNS/Lisa Johnston, St. Louis Review)

It’s one week after Ash Wednesday. How is your Lent going? When we asked our CNEWA family of supporters and donors to share what they are doing for this holy season, the responses started pouring in. Here are a few:

I am living on bread and water one day each week, and helping poor children go to Catholic school.
D.F. in Minnesota

I am fasting and using the money I save to protect Christians in Syria.
J.F. in Illinois

I am giving up nights and lunches out, so a young man can become a priest.
M.O. in California

I am giving up gossiping and criticizing, and giving a scholarship to Catholic school.
L.G. in New Jersey

I am giving up sweets for a day. (I need them, because I am hypoglycemic.) Plus, I am helping the church and its schools.
R.B. in Ohio

I am making sacrifices so that a young woman can become a sister.
J.C. in Pennsylvania

I am giving up thinking bad of others, and giving to the greatest needs in CNEWA’s world.
A.K. in Florida

I am giving up television to pray and read Scripture, and helping children go to Catholic school.
E.M. in New York

I am giving up TV shows and movies that are not Catholic, and helping wherever the need is greatest in CNEWA’s world.
G.I. in Michigan

I am giving up meat, not only on Fridays but every day, and using the money Isave to help a young man become a priest.
J.B. from Oregon

So...what are you doing for Lent? If you don’t have a plan yet, let CNEWA help. We have some wonderful and rewarding opportunities to enrich your spiritual life and, in the process, help others. Visit this page for details. And please share your story with us by writing to We always love to hear from you.

May Lent transform your life and spirit, and may all its blessings be yours!

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