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(from ONE magazine March 2010)

Indian Passages
Posted: 18 Mar 2010

In January, benefactor Bill Doty and journalist Julie Rattey of Catholic Digest accompanied Gabriel Delmonaco, CNEWA’s U.S. national secretary, to Kerala, India. They visited CNEWA-supported projects in the southwestern state, including church-sponsored orphanages, centers for the handicapped and homes for those living with H.I.V./AIDS.

The trip gave Mr. Doty — who has made an exceptional commitment to CNEWA’s efforts in Kerala — direct exposure to the agency’s work in the state and offered the readers of Catholic Digest a closer look at Kerala’s diverse people, rich culture and social challenges. Ms. Rattey and Mr. Delmonaco recorded their travels online — visit Ms. Ratty's diary:Catholic Digest goes to India. Visit Mr. Delmonaco’s: Five Days In India.