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(from ONE magazine March 2010)

Out West
Posted: 18 Mar 2010

In February, Mr. Delmonaco met with CNEWA benefactors in Arizona and California to discuss ways to expand the agency’s network of committed friends and supporters.

In Phoenix, Mr. Delmonaco met with board members of Catholic foundations and local and prospective donors. In San Diego, he attended the annual summit of Legatus, which brought together some 460 members and guests, including Cardinal Francis E. George, treasurer of CNEWA United States.

Legatus is an organization of Catholic business leaders and their spouses who meet on a regular basis to foster personal spiritual growth and to infuse their faith in their daily lives and workplaces.

CNEWA’s participation in the three-day event was sponsored by Steve Marcus, chair of CNEWA’s Development Leadership Council, which brings together individuals who commit a considerable level of financial, personal and professional resources to support CNEWA activities.