January – February 1999


Our World
Stories and events from around the world of CNEWA.

Volunteerism at Work
Dedicated volunteers lead the health care initiatives of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church.
text and photographs by Sean Sprague

Opening Windows to the Divine
Eastern Catholic religious sisters discover the power of the icon.
by Marlene Weisenbeck, F.S.P.A.

Bearing the Cross in Lebanon
Franciscan Sisters of the Cross embrace those most in need.
text and photographs by Marilyn Raschka

An Antiochene Legacy: Greek Orthodoxy in Syria
In spite of emigration, Syria’s Greek Orthodox Church remains a vital Christian force.
text and photographs by Armineh Johannes

Footnotes on Forgiveness
Presentations by two clergymen illuminate Jewish and Catholic concepts of forgiveness.

Sons and Daughters
Contemplating parents’ hopes and dreams for their children and those dreams that can never come true.
by Msgr. Robert L. Stern