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(from ONE magazine May 2010)

CNEWA’s Work
Posted: 21 May 2010

Archbishop Dolan meets with Iraqi refugees.  (photo: Gabriel Delmonaco) 

It was impossible to visit all the institutions and projects aided through the generosity of the donors of CNEWA, but at least the group was able to sample a variety of good works.

Members of the agricultural cooperative in the northern Lebanon village of Kobayat proudly showed off their olive press factory, constructed by CNEWA. Now 30,000 Christian villagers are benefitting and able to continue to live off the land.

A room full of enthusiastic girls welcomed the delegation to the mountainside orphanage of the Blessed Sacrament Sisters in Ain Warka, Lebanon, where joy and love were almost tangible.

Two dozen seminarians at St. Anne’s Melkite Greek Catholic Major Seminary in Raboueh, Lebanon, did not hesitate to dialogue with the bishops about priestly life today, either as single or as married men.

The Iraqi Christian refugees that greeted the trip participants at the Ibrahim Al Khalil parish center in Damascus poured their hearts out as they described their shattered families and political plight.

The Palestinian Christian refugees who live in the UNRWA Dbayeh camp north of Beirut for generations were more resigned to their equally unresolved situation. The Little Sisters of Nazareth tend their needs with CNEWA’s help and voiced all the challenges and frustrations of camp life to the bishops.

At the Foyer de la Providence near biblical Sidon, a large, modern and well- equipped technical school gives young men vocational training with modest assistance from CNEWA – Pontifical Mission.

The elderly, too, are not forgotten. Bishop Elie Haddad of Saida welcomed the group to the new home for the elderly he recently opened in his eparchy with the help of a CNEWA grant.