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We’re Number One!

07 Jun 2010

ONE magazine received 11 awards from the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada. Judges were drawn from the secular press by the American Press Institute.

First Place

  • General Excellence, Mission Magazines: “The amazing photography grabs the reader right off the cover and it keeps delivering throughout ... Interesting story ideas thoughtfully executed live up to the beauty of the magazine.
  • Best Photo Story, all magazines, “Where Europe Meets Asia,” by Annie Grunow and Justyna Mielnikiewicz: “Each of the images ... is tremendously evocative, even haunting, and together they are truly remarkable...”
  • Best Picture Package, all magazines: “Those Who Remain Behind,” by Andrej Ban and Father Damian Saraka: “These images all had a National Geographic quality about them. ... ”
  • Best Multimedia Presentation of Visuals, all magazines: “Those Who Remain Behind,” produced by Erin Edwards. “Sometimes simple is better.... Ruyak’s voice is great for the subject and the photos are colorful, crisp and very honest. I learned a lot from watching this presentation.”
  • Individual Excellence, writer/editor, all membership classes: Managing Editor Christopher Boland.
  • Best Feature Article, Mission Magazines. There was a six-way tie for First Place, all of which were submitted by ONE: “Olive Offerings,” by Hanne Foighel; “America’s Horn of Africa,” by Vincent Gragnani; “Armenian Winter,” by Gayane Abrahamyan; “Kerala’s Saving Grace,” by Peter Lemieux; “Alexandria’s Struggling Sudanese,” by Liam Stack; Jerusalem’s Good Samaritans,” by Hanne Foighel.

    “The package of entries from ONE Magazine,” the judges wrote, “reflects a high level of writing and reporting expertise. All the stories are top-notch, and judged one against the one another would involve some hair splitting. ”

Second Place

Third Place

  • Best Single Photo, Color, all magazines: “Those Who Remain Behind,” opening picture of Slovak story.
  • Best General Publisher web site, all membership classes: CNEWA.
  • Individual Excellence, photographer/artist, all membership classes: Graphic Designer Daria Erdosy.