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(from ONE magazine March 2011)

Ethiopian Passages
Posted: 21 Mar 2011

Students at Kidane Mehret School in Dessie welcome benefactor Bill Doty.  (photo: Gabriel Delmonaco) 

In February, benefactor Bill Doty traveled to Ethiopia with Gabriel Delmonaco, who directs CNEWA’s national office in the United States. They visited ten CNEWA–supported institutions in the Northeast African country, including schools, orphanages and a center for the blind.

During the weeklong visit, the pair attended the inauguration of the newly built 11th and 12th grade classrooms at the Kidane Mehret School in Dessie, which enrolls 1,800 students, and the groundbreaking ceremony of a similar expansion at the Blessed Gebre Michael School in Mekele, which enrolls 1,300 students. Mr. Doty’s generous support made possible the expansion of both schools.

The trip gave Mr. Doty direct exposure to the agency’s work in the country and a closer look at its diverse people, rich culture and social challenges.