January 2005


Cover Story
Ethiopia’s Island Sanctuary
Reviving religious life in central Ethiopia
text and photographs by Sean Sprague

The Ties That Bind
One Palestinian doctor’s efforts to heal wounds and discord
text by Ben Cramer; photographs by Peter Lemieux

Building Hope
Church-sponsored housing program in the south Indian city of Trivandrum promises a secure future
text by Anthony Kurian; photographs by Mohan Jacob

Tradition Shopping
Roman Catholics increasingly feel the lure of Eastern Catholicism
by Vincent Gragnani

Ruthenian Lenten Fare
The pig may be Eastern Europe’s culinary staple, but meatless delicacies abound
text by Jacqueline Ruyak; photographs by Cody Christopulos

people and events of interest

Eritrean Orthodox Church
by Michael J.L. La Civita

Religious Language
by Msgr. Archimandrite Robert L. Stern

A Letter From the Editor