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Vatican Calls for ‘Courageous’ U.N. Decision on Palestine

  — Reiterating what Pope Benedict XVI has said in recent months, Archbishop Mamberti told the United Nations that the current global financial crisis stemmed in part from a “deficit of ethics” in the modern economic system. The economy cannot function solely according to the laws of the market or the interests of the powerful, he said. He called for “a new global model of development” that is able to diminish poverty, relieve the suffering of the weakest and better protect the environment.

  — The archbishop said the arms industry continues to consume the resources of many countries, with a series of negative repercussions, including reduced human development, increased risk of conflict and instability, and promotion of a culture of violence that is often linked to criminal activities like the drug trade, human trafficking and piracy.

He said the Vatican supports U.N. efforts to reach a new and effective treaty governing the import, export and transfer of conventional arms.

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