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Egypt’s Catholic Leaders Welcome Morsi’s Ouster

A protester calling for the removal of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi holds up a copy of the Quran and a cross during a rally at Cairo’s Tahrir Square on 5 July. Egypt’s Catholic leaders welcomed the ouster of the Islamist president and pledged to help “rebuild democracy” under army rule. (photo: CNS/Khaled Abdullah, Reuters) 

“We must convince them there is a place for them in the country and no one rejects them — but they should behave as Egyptians, as fellow citizens with other Egyptians, and not aim at establishing a religious despotism,” the patriarch said.

“They should not be excluded from the political scene. But they must behave like a political party and not as a means of imposing a religious hegemony,” he added.

The 200,000-member Coptic Catholic Church has 14 dioceses in Egypt.

The Coptic Orthodox Church makes up at least a tenth of Egypt’s population of 81 million.

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