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For more than a thousand years the mountains and valleys of Lebanon have sheltered minorities – Christians, Druze and Shi’ite Muslims alike. Since the end of the civil war in 1991, we have worked closely with Christian, Druze and Muslim leaders to determine community needs; build homes, clinics and classrooms; restore village agricultural infrastructure; and provide environment-friendly waste management and fresh water.

This year, our Beirut staff, with grants from the United States Agency for International Development, (Click here to learn more about our projects with USAID in Lebanon.) developed and constructed a solid waste treatment plant serving 85 villages in the region of Jbeil as well as waste water networks in the village of Amatour, equipped an artesian well in Bsarma and built an irrigation network in Beshwat.

The church in Lebanon, with all its diverse traditions, is engaged in every aspect of Lebanese life. We supported the ministries of many dioceses and religious communities, providing funds for 34 pastoral and 72 humanitarian projects. They included assisting the Catholic Information Center in Jal el Dib, supplying generators for Catholic schools, helping renovate the Armenian Catholic Patriarchal Seminary in Bzommar, aiding the construction of Notre Dame du Fleuve Church in Bourj Hammoud and providing ongoing support for the work of the Little Sisters of Nazareth in the Dbayeh refugee camp.

Thanks to your goodness and generosity, our person-to-person sponsorship programs continue to support 1,563 children in 71 child care institutions, educate 454 young men in 16 seminaries and prepare 57 young women in 16 novitiates.