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Iraqi Christians Arrive in Jordan With tearful Tales of Desperation

An Iraqi Syriac Catholic priest identified only as Father Nour has worked with authorities to bring the Christians to Jordan. He and the Christians are appealing to the world community to intervene and stop the destruction of Iraq’s religious and ethnic communities at the hands of Islamic State militants, who have conquered vast swathes of Iraqi territory.

“It’s the extermination of Christianity in Iraq,” he said. “Why is international opinion still silent?”

“Please save us from death,” Father Nour pleaded. The priest’s father, mother and family have been stuck in Kurdistan, “sleeping in the street,” because there are simply no more places of refuge for the tens of thousands that have fled the violence. He said he cannot bring his family to Jordan because they lack travel documents.

Father Nour said two Iraqi bishops are “sleeping with Christians in the streets, walking with them and crying.”

“There is death to everything we once knew in Iraq,” said a 52-year-old telecom employee, Riad Riah Qatul. “How could we ever return and live there once again?”

Many of the Christians said they have no other hope but to reunite with close relatives living in the United States, Australia and Germany.

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