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(from ONE Winter 2014)

A Friend from the 50’s
Posted: 31 Dec 2014

Not long ago, CNEWA’s development staff had the opportunity to meet Thomas Straczynski, a Brooklyn-born retired teacher, who first learned about CNEWA in the 1950’s. “When I was teaching,” he said, “I had CNEWA send me 30 or 40 copies of its magazine, which I’d give to my students. I got many kids interested that way.

“When it came time to update my will, one of the first organizations that came to mind was CNEWA.

“Would I encourage others to remember CNEWA in their will? Absolutely. It’s a no-brainer. It gives me a good feeling to know it will be used well.

“I don’t want to be forgotten,” he added. “I don’t necessarily want to be remembered by name or reputation. But I want someone down the line, when I’m gone, to think ‘There’s someone who cared.’ There’s so much hope for Christianity, and we have to spread that hope to places where we can make a difference.”

If you’d like to include CNEWA in your will, contact Norma Intriago for a consultation.