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(from ONE Winter 2014)

Children in Need
Posted: 31 Dec 2014

In his Christmas message to the world in 2014, Pope Francis spoke poignantly about the plight of the world’s children.

He turned his thoughts toward “all those children who are killed and ill-treated,” and asked for prayers for those who are victims of violence or persecution.

In this edition of ONE, we also turn our attention to the children of CNEWA’s world, turning a light on those often hidden in the shadows — the smallest, weakest, poorest, most vulnerable. Thanks to the generosity of CNEWA’s benefactors and the prayerful good works of our partners in the field — priests, religious and lay people — children who once would have been considered helpless and hopeless are receiving help, and discovering hope. It is the hope of children with special needs in Egypt, who are experiencing love and learning skills at homes aptly named for the Good Samaritan; it is the hope of the victims of poverty and devastation in Georgia, who are finding a promising future in a craft from the past; and it is the hope of girls in India, who are receiving the priceless gift of education and, with it, dignity.