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Gaza Situation Update
Visit 10-12 February 2015

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The Desperate Plea — Moving Forward:
During our visits in the past few months, there were three main needs repeatedly mentioned to us. The first desperate plea was an expansion and/or extension of the psychosocial intervention for children and adults. Most people we spoke with believe that the level of trauma continues to be dangerously high and there is great value in psychosocial counseling which are regarded by Gazans as extremely helpful to deal with the unrelenting, seemingly impossible situation. One official specifically told me, “If you cannot fix the physical damages, at least help our people fix the psychological damages”. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to host discussions with our various partners in Gaza to see how best to meet this particular need.

Another need which was unanimously mentioned by locals was the need for work; to develop a job creation program that generates employment opportunities and allows people to make a dignified living. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to discuss with our local partners in Gaza on how best to move forward.

As for the third need, it falls within our strategic intervention in Gaza; to help strengthen institutions of the Churches. In fact, there is a new level of community respect and appreciation for Christian institutions for their generous aid and support for the destitute during the war. Additionally, given the problems faced by Middle East Christians in general, it is also important to support the Christian institutions’ programs which indirectly encourage interfaith dialogue. In all of these critical needs stated above, we look to our generous donors who supported the emergency intervention, to help ease the suffering of the people of Gaza.

We have a grave humanitarian situation in Gaza. People are desperate to get their voices heard, calling for reconciliation, peace and justice. A declaration that there is true injustice imposed on Gaza’s population of 1.8 million people and that they deservingly need a better life.

We want our donors to know that their financial and moral support is very much appreciated by the people of Gaza. Your solidarity has helped them move forward, have faith and hope despite the misery surrounding them. Many people who spoke with me have said that they continuously pray for us and for the donors who helped them in their time of need. Likewise, let us all reciprocate and keep praying for Gaza and its people. They deserve a better life!

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