Winter 1981


Origins: Carmelite Roots in the Holy Land
With roots going back to the Old Testament prophet Elijah, Carmelites trace their spiritual origin to Mount Carmel in the Holy Land.
by Fergus Lickteig, O. Carm.; photos: The Carmelite Fathers

Shelter in Bethlehem
The Sisters of Our Lady of the Apostles at the Orphanage of the Pontifical Mission in Bethlehem offer security, love and trust to homeless girls aged 4 through 18.
by Carol Hunnybun

Salah’s Story
A nine-year-old Lebanese orphan boy found a special friend in the United Nations’ Interim Forces in Lebanon.
text by Jeannette Isaac; photos by John Isaac

The Image Restored
In the Eastern Church, as in the West, the two sacraments of Restoration – Repentance and Holy Anointing – are channels of grace that restore, heal and refresh the Christian.
by Rev. Romanos V. Russo; photos by Milton Baroody

Bible Lands of Turkey: Anatolia and the Beginnings
Ancient Anatolia, located in modern Turkey, played a significant role in Bible history.
text by Charles E. Adelsen; photos by Henry Angelo-Castrillion