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Contemporary challenges and structure
As violence, conflict and warfare spread to Jordan (1970-71), Lebanon (1975-90), Palestine (1987-93, 2000-2005), Iraq (1991, 2003-2010, 2014 to present) and Syria (2011 to present), the Pontifical Mission became increasingly involved in assistance to all those uprooted, displaced and affected by the violence.

With its administration entrusted to CNEWA since its foundation, the Pontifical Mission for Palestine functions as CNEWA’s operating agency in the Middle East. Always, CNEWA-PMP works through the local church to meet the pressing needs of those served by the church, from the provision of emergency aid to health care, educational support and post-traumatic counseling and catechesis.

Because of its modest administrative structure, its non-governmental nature, and the confidence it enjoys among the local churches, the CNEWA-PMP acts quickly, expeditiously and effectively to alleviate human suffering and aid human development.

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