Summer 1975


Eastern Devotion to God’s Mother
“Christians of the East pay high tribute, in very beautiful hymns, to Mary ever Virgin.” – Vatican II Decree on Ecumenism
by F.X. Morelle

A Priest of Palestine
How a middle-aged soldier gave up the army to embrace the priesthood.
by Desmond Sullivan; art direction/illustration by P.J. McCue

Armenian Origins
Although now a diaspora – a dispersed and martyred people – the Armenians have preserved their language, culture and religious beliefs.
by F.C. Edward; photos: courtesy of St. Vartan’s Armenian Cathedral

Reach Out and Touch…
Besides caring for the spiritual life of his people, the priest in the Near East must often work as a farmer, teacher or laborer to keep himself alive.

Leader in Lebanon – The New Maronite Patriarch
by Terry Shannon

Saints of the East: St. Athanasius
Known as a Doctor of the Church, Athanasius’ writings influenced the development of monastic life.
art direction/illustration by P.J. McCue

Prayers From the Eastern Liturgies