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Syrian refugee, an Islamic State target, shares tale of fleeing homeland

Before their sudden flight from Syria, Jabbour and his wife, Maha Tayar, had obtained visas and planned to visit Rula and her husband, Awad Qumseya, who were expecting a child at the time. Once in Omaha, they expected to stay two or three months.

Still in Omaha almost six years later, her parents’ lives are on hold, Rula said. Her father works part time with Rula’s husband selling religious articles from the Holy Land.

“My mother says, ‘At least we’re with family,’ but my father’s not adapting well,” she said. His heart is in Syria. “He is in pain because he cannot help the people who are still there.”

The Jabbours are grateful for the concern and efforts of the Knights of Columbus to help Middle East Christians. “Finally, it’s telling the people there that they’re not alone,” she said.

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