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Documentary exploring Russian Christianity makes its theatrical debut

“St. Vladimir’s is one of the premier Orthodox theological schools in the world,” he said. “It even owes its existence, in part, to the very story this documentary recounts — the Russian Revolution and consequent diaspora.”

So far the film has been seen online, in various iterations and postings, about 25,000 times. It has been broadcast in Canada on Salt and Light Media, and has been reviewed privately by several leading academics who specialize in Eastern Christianity.

“The New York screening at a Russian Orthodox seminary is important for two reasons. One, it calls attention to the film and its message,” said Greg Erlandson, director and editor-in-chief of Catholic News Service, who gave Duncan the green light to produce the documentary.

“Two, it also shows that Catholic News Service is interested in the Eastern Church,” Erlandson said. “As Pope John Paul II famously described, the Eastern and Western churches are the two lungs of Christianity. As a news organization we are interested in both the East and the West, and this is a way to demonstrate our commitment.”

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