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(from ONE September 2018)

Aid Rushed to Flooded India
Posted: 28 Sep 2018

In late August, CNEWA rushed emergency funds to help some 4,000 families cope with historic flooding that has devastated much of Kerala, a state in southwestern India. Monsoon rains swelled rivers and ponds, triggering landslides, severing power, washing away roads, livestock, crops and homes. More than a million people fled their homes, finding refuge in camps set up on higher ground. Hundreds were reported killed.

CNEWA’s emergency aid included food kits, potable water, medicines and sanitary items, along with household materials and school supplies for children. While the flooding has subsided, recovery and rehabilitation efforts are underway, with residents seeking to rebuild and battle sickness and disease, such as rat disease. You can help CNEWA assist Kerala’s Catholic churches’ relief efforts, visit: