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(from ONE September 2019)

Seeking Peace in Ethiopia
Posted: 19 Sep 2019

For more than a year, violence between communities in several regions of Ethiopia has claimed hundreds of lives, devastated villages and forced millions of people to flee their homes.

CNEWA has rushed funds to assist the local churches there, especially the south central Apostolic Vicariate of Hawassa, where the vicariate has helped resettle more than 800,000 people in emergency shelters built with funds in part from CNEWA.

CNEWA is also assisting the vicariate’s efforts to bring healing to the families traumatized by the violence, sponsoring workshops on peace and reconciliation arranged by the vicariate’s Peace and Justice office. CNEWA’s regional director for Ethiopia, Argaw Fantu, describes the fears of the people and how their faith has sustained them after attending a recent meeting:

“Amid the broad darkness of ethnic conflict and destruction of properties,” he writes, “there appears the small but powerful light of faith. … We find real Christianity in such terrible times.”